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We need your help on your experiences of sleep - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

We need your help on your experiences of sleep

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
We need your help. We are developing new resources to help carers cope with the pressures of caring. We want your experiences and tips to be central as carers uk has always found that other carers, especially new carers value this kind of information.
The original post has asked for a sharing of experiences from family carers to help others. Someone who works and has trouble sleeping will still have tips to share but will possibly be different reasons. This could be shared in the Tips section of the forum.
If I can intervene - Ladybird is not out of line here. I understand the word is used in different contexts but for this website, charity and form we are very clear we are about unpaid care. The word carer is defined in UK legislation as being someone who is unpaid looking after a friend or relative. So it is factual.

Lorna, we are not saying the work careworkers/PAs do is not valuable it's just that caring unpaid is a very different experience and so this forum is exclusively for discussing those issues and we are very keen to keep it that way.

I recognise that many people who work in the care industry also have caring repsonsibilities of their own, and we welcome them, but we do try and draw a distinct line between the two.

Having said that Lorna, you are very welcome here and I'm sure you have things to contribute.

Can I ask if anyone wants to discuss this further we split off into a new topic and let this one continue back on thread of sleep.

Best wishes

Hi there- sleep was one of my subjects for teaching student nurses. It is a true fact that in hospital patients are deprived of sleep. I no longer nurse in hospital but at home and sleep is worse. That is because i am now wholly responsible for my husbands welfare and its scary. he had Uncontrolled Epilepsy and has many seizures day night inside outside. I have to fit sleep round his good times.
When carers have their loved one in hospital they rarely sleep well at home even though they have the time to.

I sleep for a maximum of 4 hours in 2 divided slots. Not always at night and i can have 15 minutes catnap and feel refreshed.

SLEEP - we all need it , cant live without it and yet its the biggest cause of fatigue.
I know ive joined in a heated debate but it did ask the question - help on your experiences of sleep.
Thanks Mandy
Can't speak for anyone else but I'm not the greatest of sleepers. Never have been. I often manage between 4 and 6 hours for weeks on end, crash and burn and sleep through for about 9 hours (aond once, oh bliss, 15 hours straight), and then back on the treadmill again!

ooooh 9 hours, id love to sleep for 9 hours. When i worked i usually got 6-8 and on nights i would sleep all day if i could.

What a wonderful leisure pursuit, bit like extreme sporting.........Extreme Sleeping Image

Regards Mandy
Thank you to everyone for all your responses Image
I usually sleep like a lamb, but I'm a bit sore because I was out across the hills on my mountain bike yesterday. My piglet can sleep for Britain, he needs to be kicked out of bed every morning for college or other activities. I've been looking at a new mattress, mine is ten years old, a decent quality one, but starting to get a bit saggy, but these new "memory foam" mattresses seem to have about as many people who hate them as love them, some people say they stink of rubber and are too hot. Any views?
Yes, some people find them very hot to sleep on but you can buy a special mattress cover to deal with the heat issue - ditto the pillows. I know that Argos sell the covers for the pillows but not sure about the ones for the mattress.

Having said that I've a friend who swears by her memory foam mattress for her back and hip problems- but it is one of the original Tempur mattresses and they're not cheap
last night I got 4hrs
night before 6hrs
my sleep pattern depends on Mark, it varies between 2hrs and 6hrs a night.
I have tried memory foam mattresses in the shops but they are useless for me as it took two shop assistants and my hubby to get me out of it. I sank into it and couldn't even manage to turn over let alone get up again. Beached whale impression in the shop - very embarassing. Image