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We need carers to talk to media - Carers UK Forum

We need carers to talk to media

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We are currently looking for carers who are prepared to do media for Carers Rights Day (Friday December 3rd). As usual it's a very specific person we're looking for.

Have you recently been awarded a benefit that you missed out on because you didn;t know you were entitled, or were given wrong information?

We want to highlight carers who have missed out on benefits they were entitled to. This could be Carer's Allowance, Council Tax benefit, carer premium with Income support, or carers adddition to pension credit. The case studies need to be recent and need to be able to do radio or TV interviews and preferably be prepared to be filmed/photographed with the person you care for.

If this sounds like you please email steve.mcintosh@carersuk.org with a brief outline of your situation.

Thanks everyone.

How about carers like me who can, and do receive the carers allowance , but becasue i have , like many other carers a private occupational pension , worth little more then the state retirement pension, bars me from any other benefit help at all , we receive the 25% council tax rebate ,, but i have to pay for every single thing , rent , council tax , even prescriptions ..

i`m at hospital that day as it happens ... lets hope Lizzie can sit with the old doll , if she cant what do i do .... become a D.N.A. or pay £19 an hour for day care ... to allow me to visit my consultant ... and silly me i thought all health care was free.....
MATT i have told you and Gavin l will always be available to talk to the media because of what us fulltime unpaid carers go through daily.

I have had many conversations on the phone this goverment and previous do give a toss about us you and other posters might think i am radical in my ideas but there comes a time when their talk and all the nothing goings on just satrt to take the mickey out of all of us from Imelda and the whole lot of us british fulltime unapid carers.

please pass my no to stephen if you can.