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Giardia not in UK???? wrong!!!! - Carers UK Forum

Giardia not in UK???? wrong!!!!

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Hi all, not sure where to post this but .....my hubby had this 4 years ago and has not been well since, his other health problems all appeared after this, our GP also dismissed diagnoses as we had not been abroad and only prescribes the treatment antibiotic as a last resort, the article link discribes exactly what it was like, My Allan lost 3stone in less than 3 weeks and both me and our friends were preparing for the worst, I thought I was going to loose him :cry:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/artic ... mblia.html
Yet again I discover here a disease I've never previously heard of! Yet a quick glance at Wikipedia says that Giardia is " the most common pathogenic parasitic infection in humans worldwide; in 2013, there were about 280 million people worldwide with symptomatic giardiasis".

In an age where it's so so common to travel to places where infection is rife, it seems daft that UK doctors say 'oh, it can't be that!'!!

Has your husband been formally diagnosed with it yet? I believe they check stool samples (though it can be tricky sometimes?). If your GP is useless/resistent, why not contact some place like the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where they are well used to 'weird' diseases from 'someplace else' than the UK!

It sounds like it can be very infectious, so do hope you are taking precautions yourself from being cross-infected?

There does seem to be treatment for it, but I know that in general infection by protozoan parasites (single celled organisms like Amoeba, which is more 'advanced' than bacterial microbes) can be very tricky to eradicate completely, unfortunately.

All the best possible for you and your husband. KR Jenny
hi jenny it was back in 2010 that my husband contracted it, and it was only when a neighbour suggested that it could be it as she had to see a tropical diseases specialist in London as she had it the year previous, after telling gp this he said did I yes I want hubby to try the antibiotic used to treat giardia without stool tests as he was so poorly and tests already done for other things proved negative. within days of taking the antibiotics hubby started to feel better. BUT it has left him with numerous health problems, extreme fatigue, balance problems,short term memory problems and a generel slowness in everything. He was fit and healthy previously and worked outside in a rural setting which could have been where he contracted it, contaminated water, not that he drank it but just came into contact with some.
Hence he is now unable to work and I am his carer to the point that I am now also his power of attorny which at 58 is really tough.
All I can say is if anyone does have the symptoms don't be fobbed of by medical professionals. I nearly lost him and would not want anyone to go through what we did.
Life is now quieter for us but I miss the man I married as this illness has changed him so much.
Petal - glad that you did get the diagnosis in the end. I do realise that English GP's may be ignorant of tropical diseases, but in the end they have a responsibility to check everything out, even the unlikely things.... and just saying that he couldn't have had giardia because he hadn't been abroad seems silly considering how contagious it is from someone already infected, so all he'd needed was to have been in infectious contact with someone else who HAD been abroad and got it!

Is he completely clear of it now, I wonder? I ask because I know that quite a lot of these tropical 'nasties' can 'lurk' in the system - like malaria - and then cause more problems. Has, he for example, had a brain MRI to see if there is actual physical damage there, or any signs of cysts or something that the giardia could have caused (or still be causing?) (sorry if I'm stating the obvious to you!))

Just a thought,and one you may very well have thought out yourself long ago (!) but from what (very!) little I understand now about giardia it seems to be quite prevalent in the USA - I know from my own experience of my husband's relatively rare cancer, that simply because of the high population in the USA, there tends to be a lot more information and support and patients/carers over there, and I was wondering therefore whether a US-based giardia support and information group might have forums and so on? Also new drugs tend to make an appearance in the USA before here too - I know (bitterly!) from Cancerworld that UK doctors may not tell you about the latest drugs as they are not on the NHS (so why tell you what you can't get, is their logic.....)

All the very best for you and your husband that is yet possible - Jenny.