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We are looking to employ a carer direct..... Advice ? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

We are looking to employ a carer direct..... Advice ?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Our problem is that our son needs two careworkers and the SW won't fund it - they would rather pay for our 28 year old University graduate son to go into a care home - so that leaves him with - Us or nothing.

Its a bit unfair to comment on the stunning lack of advice - maybe people don't have any to give and are struggling to cope themselves!

exactly what I thought Eun(about the lack of advice),but have been through a more stressful than usual couple of weeks and couldn't think of an inoffensive way to express myself.
Sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound all doom and gloom, if I had. Sorry.
I tried to give advice on the pros and cons and guidance about how to go about it. I don't understand the 'lack of advice' given. I have given advice. Don't understand what you mean.
Sorry, just trying to help with our 16 or so years of experience with helpers. Sorry. Image
Stunning lack of advice on this thread. I would have hoped carers would have some positive constructive advice, anyone!
There is plenty of good advice on this thread. If you don't have anything constructive to say about it, you are clearly spending too much time with the other magic fairies and not actually reading anything.
I apologise if my comment caused offence. I am in the same position of needing to source external care. I am caring 168 hours a week and have been for the last 11years. I had hoped when I saw his thread go up that here would be some really helpful advice from the people who experience sourcing external care. The post had been up for 10 days when I posted the comment, the 2 comments posted at that time were of course helpful but there must be a wealth of knowledge to share on this very important matter.

Angel30, I found your comments helpful and encouraging, could you give any details about the direct payment manager? Does anyone know of any management companies in Hampshire that they would recommend?

Greatest concerns for me are the responsibilities of employment law and getting it right, especially as I would be employing on behalf of my son.
Well..... Many thanks for the replies to date.... I thought Id resurrect this thread with an update.

Shortly after this thread start we employed a PA directly & funded it partly by what direct payments gave and the shortfall by ourselves.

Ryan is now 19, his birthday was in October, at this time he was considered an adult by Rochdale Social Services & now has his own personal budget which we manage. The upside of this is it now covers the following.

The PA comes from 7.30am-8.30am Mon-Fri & from 8pm-8.30pm Mon-Thurs.

The PA also does every alternate weekend. This is all in our home and we provide food, fully expensed transport etc..... The above costs circa £25k a year (£20k salary but then tax, NI etc bumps it up to £25k inc holidays etc) We have circa £20k left from Ryans budget which we are now looking at how best we can use for him.

One thought now is to see if we can try and employ a live in carer. The current PA for what he does is quite expensive BUT is worth it to us..... Ryans demands are continuing to become greater and our days are getting harder even with the odd weekend off and this 1.5hrs of help Mon-Fri....

We are now thinking we can try and get 1 or 2 live in carers on a one week on one week off basis (1 carer at a time).

Anyone any experience of this and where best to advertise/recruit ?

Regards & thankyou in advance
I wouldn't do it: loss of privacy, and the complication of being an employer as well as a landlord to staff - what happens if you fall out? I don't think there are many people looking for live-in positions except possibly youngsters from Eastern Europe looking to improve their English skills. That could be fun, but then they get boyfriends and stay up late, and the rest - you can end up caring for another person!