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We are in this together - Templates for media and MPs re:JSA - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

We are in this together - Templates for media and MPs re:JSA

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It has been such a busy week and all because of Belles great template.

I posted last Thursday that our local rag had published my letter.Since then the editor got in touch to ask if was okay to forward some letters to me that they had received but addressed to me Image Image .
Also, tonight they have published a letter from a gentleman in reply to mine.Although I have scanned it to my pc,its says file too big to upload.Fool that I am Image , I have no idea how to reduce it Image Image Image so here goes .......

The Priority : Care or Cash

Followed by 2 pics.One of an elderly gentleman,the other a hand holding a wad of money with accompanying title of
What is the governments priority in planning the future of caring?

I am writing in reply to Rosemary,in relation to the Green Paper called No One Written Off.

The first sentence of paragraph 6:15 of the Paper says: "It may make sense to move those carers on income supporton to a modified form of Jobseekers Allowance" - and that quote implies that carers will be pushed into employment,and will not be able to carry out the vital caring role they do on a daily basis.

In the event that the carer is persuaded to go back to work,I hope the Government knows there will be a knock on effect on the NHS,due to seriously ill people not getting the care they need.

What the document as a whole neglects as a whole is that many carers might begin work,only to leave - because the person they care for becomes seriously ill.

In no way,in the 5 paragraphs given to carers ( in a 118 page document) does it account for this,and its assumption that people can do paid work and care ( without any implications ) is naive at best.

Having read the document, I am dismayed at how carers have been spoken about,as if they dont do anything of worth.

This is summed up by section 6:12, which states: "As we move towards abolishing Income Support,when resources allow,we need to consider how we support carers".
Perhaps they should consider how they support carers BEFORE abolishing Income Support.

The general mood of the piece was that carers should get back to work,and I have written to the Shadow Secretary for the Department for Works and Pensions,to clarify what exactly this all means for carers.

On the document in general,it states that labour's objective is to have 80% employment.
Clearly no one told the author the country was going to land itself in economic turmoil,where unemployment would rise not fall.

The document says " we are well placed to move towards our long term aspiration of an 80% employment rate".
Who is "we" - the Labour Party or the country?

Elsewhere,it states that "mental health conditions are now the single biggest cause of absence from work and of claims for Incapacity Benefit" - but only six short paragraphs are given to Mental health in a 118- page docu,emt,so it appears to me people with mental health problems have been let down as well.

The consultation period ends on October 22,and I hope people read the paper and add their views.

All this helps raise awareness to others of what the government is pushing forward.I really hope that over the next few days/weeks that more readers of our local rag will send more comments in.

I know you must all be sick of me harping on again but as much as campaigns are ongoing to see an increase in CA,to get more respite etc,this is an immediate issue that needs your help.
So if you have not already done so,please take the time to use Belles templates to send to both your local MPs and newspapers.

Phew,cuppa after that.... Image

Thank you rosemary, its appreciated.
If we all take just 5 minutes to do things like that (and Rosemary takes so much more! Thank you, Rosemary), then we raise public and political awareness to some of the astounding difficulties Carers face.
I have received a letter this morning that I would like to share here.When I go to upload,it says file too big.Its only one side of A4,so come on pc nerds Image Image Image , help me out please.

x x x
I received this reply today and even more so, it just emphasises how much of a con this proposal is.

Carers need their identity and being in receipt of JSA does not allow them that.

Simplest way to have done this would have been for those in receipt of Carers Allowance and Income Support to have the same rights, wherein CA would be a ''passport'' to access any info and support with a Job centre.

If as Timms has stated these proposals
will not impose any new obligations on carers
will not be required to be available for employment in order to retain entitlement to their benefit
nor will it change the amount of benefit received by the carers in question
Why the hell change it to JSA for some?



We aim to provide a system of benefits that provides support where it is most needed and that is flexible to meet the wide range of needs that carers have.
'most needed' is this hinting at means testing in the future? What is going to happen to carers allowance when the only carers receiving it are carers with savings or other family income?

Some working age carers will be on modified JSA and others on carers allowance. Yet their situations are essentially the same and neither will be required to look for work. How is this a simplified system?

My Contituency Labour Party agreed to submit a contemporary issue to the Labour Party Conference on this subject]Withdraw proposals to transfer carers to JSA.[/b]

Listening to the Labour Party conference on tv 148 issues have been submitted and only the 4 with the most votes get to be debated on the floor.....so i'm not holding my breath....
Good job I didn't hold my breath Image Image
This is a copy of a letter i receiver last week from my local MP Phillip Hollobone send to him by Stephen Timms on behalf Anne McGuire

Still does answer the question i ask in the first place as i ask Phillip Hollobone what was his views on this subject of move carer on IS/CA to JSA. an well what can one expect from one MP these days poor man has no time to reply to a simple question but i do fear that this will go ahead no matter what we try to do and as for rise the amount of CA i hold my breath a while longer.

"As we work towards a simplified benefit system, we need to consider how we
can best support carers, in a way that recognises the contribution that carers
make to society. We want to make it easier for carers to combine caring with
work - or preparing for work - and reflect the diversity of carers'
circumstances and caring responsibilities.

Carers make an extremely valuable contribution to society. In recognition of
this we will not compel carers to undertake work-related activity, as we do
other groups. However many carers tell us that they want to work at the same
time as caring, or at some point in the future. We therefore want to ensure that
we support carers to achieve this, and give them access to the support
available to other customers.

We could do this by moving carers currently receiving Income Support onto a
modified version of Jobseeker's Allowance. This, along with the measures we
announced in the Carers Strategy, would help us provide more support for
carers who want to combine caring with work, or preparing for work.
Please pass on my thanks to Mr Canning for taking the trouble to raise his
concerns over this issue with us."

Thanks for sharing your reply Trek.

If this goes through.the identity of being a carer for some will no longer exist.
Still does answer the question i ask in the first place as i ask Phillip Hollobone what was his views on this subject of move carer on IS/CA to JSA. an well what can one expect from one MP these days poor man has no time to reply to a simple question
They never do Trek Image Might be against the Party line and therefore damage their careers Image

Most you can hope for is that some will lobby behind the scenes Image

best wishes
Belle Image