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Water Infection and Appetite

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Maxijul-- great stuff not only does it help with the calorie intacke , it seemed to help amyw ith constipation,, we had it in poswer form so it was in cups of tea an awful lot!
Most of ours ended up in the bin Image .
so did mine, the dr put the wrong weight on the perscription

i had a huge drum of it , so we never got throught hat, it looked rather dodgey thougha massive bag of white powder in the bin!
Ours was measured out daily and went in the bin daily when I was not looking. I walked into the kitchen at the wrong, or right dependent on your point of view, time Image . And I was being polite when I said rather obstinate Image .
We've had just about every nutrional supplement in the house for my husband to try. Most he simply refused even a taste. The Forti-juice things he said are too sweet and although he used to have one every couple of days at one point he refused them completely.

We've now found something he likes a lot - Forticreme. He has always liked chocolate so that's the one we order. There are other flavours though, vanilla is another.

If you can find something your mum used to like and find a supplement that is just about the same your mum might find a bit more reason to eat.
Stacey's point is very valid, the only nutritional supplement which my husband will use willingly having tried countless types is also Forticreme, vanilla only, finding one which is acceptable is a large part of the battle to get someone to use them. I find it extremely difficult to get my husband to understand that the supplements are part of his treatment regime, tablets are not a problem but the fact that nutritional supplements come as a food or drink does seem to be one, perhaps as this is not perceived as a conventional form of medical treatment, it is a shame that they do not come in pill form.
skandishakes -- we used to have and amy would only have the vanilla one as it was like ice cream..

its very hard tog et soemthing some one will like, ive tried them as i wont give it to her if its very manky and to be honest, i think id rather starve, they taste quite bad

I find yogurts seem to be good as its a normal food with maxijule mixed in
Hi everyone and thank you so much for all your replies. I haven't been online as I have a terrible weekend with my mum, I honestly feel she isn't at all well and needs a good spell in hospital being properly hydrated and observed for a decent period of time. She had a fall on Friday and her carer noticed she was very dehydrated, she went into A&E again, they rehydrated her and sent her home the same evening. Since then she has been vomiting and can't keep anything down and last night she had severe diarrhoea. I am tempted to say it is the antibiotics she is taking for a water infection (Trimethoprim) which she is having in liquid form and is going directly into her very sensitive and compromised stomach owing to her erosive gastritis. As her carer can stay most of the day today I have come into work and have an appointment to speak to our GP this afternoon. I just wish he would suggest a short stay in hospital to re-assess her and get more fluids and nourishment into her but I know you have to fight hard for everything these days. Thank you again for all your helpful suggestions. Debbie x
I also meant to say just what a lottery these powder/liquid foods are - on her second visit to A&E on Friday the doctor there suggested we try Build Up - they gave her one there and she was fine with it and even told the doctor it was 'lovely' - the doctor did say people's tolerance to them varies greatly and you have to find the right one for the patient in question. Anyway, Saturday went OK but then following the one I gave her yesterday she was horrendously sick and remained so for the rest of the day. I will continue to try things and certainly give everything recommended here a go but I am realising from reading your experiences just how difficult it is to get things right! Anyway onwards and upwards and thank you again for all your helpful and thoughtful replies. Debbie x