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Warmfront Grant's

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Did you know that among other thing's you can get your Boiler fixed for (Free) if you qualify for Warmfront Grant's
We were going to have our boiler repaired because the hot water was intermittent.
We were told it cost between £170 & £300 we then heard of Warmfront because Pat gets DLA we qualified.
It took a few month's to sort out but 2 week's ago our boiler was fixed free of charge.
If you think you may qualify ring them on 0800 316 6011.
It not only covers boilers it is most thing's to do with Heating your home ie Insulation and thing's like that.
It's worth a try.
PS There are many of the Benefits that qualify you for the Grants.
Does this apply to under 65's as well, as we are needing a new boiler but my husband is 53 and is on high DLA. I have tried to get grants for it but always told too young. Yet he has Dementia and feels the cold. We get hit with age discrimination a lot even though he has an illness that is only assosiated with elderly, and also the ILF who don't take household repairs or heating into concideration.
Hi both. Try this link (hope it works):

Hi pandaeyes.
Yes you can get a grant if you are under 65 we did.
It's for most supplementary benefits but DLA count's you can go on line or phone the number I gave above they will talk you through it.
It depends how busy they are in your area it can take a few months but it is worth it get it done now before the winter.
If I can be of anymore help please PM me.
Image There was an article in our local paper giving the tel. no. so I rang it and we're waiting for a form to fill in, the chap on the phone said we quailified even though we had the loft insulated under a similar scheme a couple of years ago. We don't have a boiler, central heating or double glazing so anything that would help keep us warm come winter would be a blessing, hubby feels cold even when the weather is quite mild and now that he's been diagnosed with COPD and asthma on top of the other problems keeping him cosy and free of chest infections is a priority. Fingers crossed Image
Image Still waiting for the forms.......