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Walking around a field.

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Thanks for replying,Colin.

While Stoke council generally have the two-stage process for complaints, for adult social-services it's one stage, but I'm not sure it gets a mention online.

Here's something from Newham council's webpage https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Service ... ocess.aspx:

"We deal with complaints about our social care services slightly differently to other complaints.

Adult social care
If you are complaining about adult social care services, we will use a one-stage complaints process which is set out by law.

We will send you a full response within 25 working days of receiving your complaint."

And that's it!

Don't you love that 'slightly'?
I got a phone call this morning telling me that Owen self-harmed at the bungalow yesterday, and terrified the hired-carer so much that she locked herself in a room leaving Owen the run of the building. So the situation is:

(1)Owen self harms at times but is allowed home with me. No-one gets in touch on Thursday,Friday, or Saturday to check his welfare. We're allowed out together, unsupported, on Saturdays.

(2) Eliot doesn't self-harm, but is allowed out only with two carers (three counting me, but I don't count).

(3)Owen and Eliot haven't been allowed home together in four years because Owen head-butted Eliot five years ago. Despite this, they reside together at the bungalow and Owen could have hurt Eliot yesterday when the carer was locked in a room.

(4)Eliot has regular meetingd with a psychologist, but Owen's was signed-off two years ago.

Anyone know what social-services use instead of logic?
I've phoned the psychologist, and we're all to meet to decide if Eliot can go out with just the one paid carer, and myself. Since I'm just a cipher, the current contacts are called '2:1' and involve Eliot walking around parks and shopping precincts with three carers-two paid ones and myself. Staff told me yesterday that they won't agree to 2:1 in any circumstances, and that the psychologist should go by the 'information' (i.e. opinion) the give her.

The council make all decisions about recruitment and retention of staff, with no input from the family. Is this normal?