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Walking around a field.

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John, I have a real gripe about female workers supporting my son. Yesterday there was an open day at the workshops of the local miniature steam railway. He's passed as a volunteer, but staff won't support him to go. Instead, the member of staff took him to a local touristy village to "look at the shops", in total there can't be more than ten shops, all selling tourist tat. He lives in the middle of the New Forest and loves walking, just not round shops!! Nothing to do with what he wants matters, just what staff want to do - costing the LA about £120 for a full day.
Yes,that's just it! It's surprising the taste Eliot's shown over the last few years for window-shopping shoes and going for a latte...
We had the family-being-together time for March on Monday.

They arrived 15 minutes late.
We drove to a country park-40 minutes. The cafe was closed-second time this year.
We walked for 40 minutes.
We drove back for 40 minutes buying Slushies on the way.
In the car, Owen and I held hands,and I could see the back of Eliot's head.

Same again in April. That's it. Where's the United Nations when we need them?


Thanks for the comments.
Most of the staff formally worked for Children's Services and were 'seconded' to the bungalow when a council centre was closed down ten years ago. I think it was that or redundancy. My wife's handing the boys and the bungalow over to them must have seemed a godsend.
We live on a busy road-bur route,ambulance station up the road, but staff wait in the car (heater and radio on) while I guide Eliot to it. Odd, really, given the 2:1 thing, and I don't count... Yesterday it was "I've forgotten my coat; I'll wait in the car". We rarely exchange info on Eliot's diet, if he's been to the toilet...
Owen's learnt to surf the net at home and at Day Care. Though they've bought £1,500 pound's worth of equipment, "Owen and Eliot choose to leave the laptops in the safe" at the bungalow.

I don't know how it is in other cities. In Stoke, social services are the boss. They run things their way.
Things are getting worse.
They've added something new to Wednesdays. Today we investigated the wealth of local history by going to Hanley museum and viewing the Mesolithic and Holographic Manuscripts exhibits. We went for a coffee after 20 minutes, and contact lasted an hour overall, compared to the two hours it's meant to.
On the way there,I was persistently bullied, with staff continually pressing me to accept that Eliot needed 2:1 care. I was asked five times in a row to accept the the museum visit was in Eliot's best interests, "or the contact will have to be cancelled". I didn't cry or lose my temper, but I suspect that that's the goal.

Eliot an I were left on the curb of one of the busiest intersections in the city while on e member of staff went for the car-park ticket, and another went to chat to a friend. The risk assessment says that that's endangerment.
You really should consider making a complaint.

Do you know what qualifications the staff have?

It may be worth your while to sign up as a member of the NAS
,National Autistic Society
Also, I suggest that you get the Social Services leaflet on. How they will treat clients or customers. One is respect
As I say, staff have apparently been holding their own Community-Accessing Risk-Assessment meetings to decide if Eliot still needs (a) 2 carers @ £30 per hour for the two, or (b) 1 carer per hour @ £15 total. They've gone for (a) every time.
I've just phoned the psychologist and she sounded a bit surprised that this had been happening without her involvement, and she's arranging a proper assessment. Owen had an incident recently but is still 1:1 but Eliot hasn't had any for years and is 2:1.

There's no local complaints procedure for social-services, except an internal investigation held by themselves. It's possible to go to the Ombudsman, but the council stopped all whole-family contact the day they found out I'd appealed to him, and four years later they still only allow us 24 hours a year.
As far as I know, and I think there is a mandatory complaints process for all local authorities, There are several Stages of the complaints process.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1 then you can express rejection of that result and ask to go on to the next Stage, which would be passing it on to someone else, such as the NSPCC who would independently investigate, and produce a written report.