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Waiting time for OT assessment

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For example we called her this morning, to see if she can provide a seat to sit on whilst showering, she wasn't in the office, so we left a message. She phoned back within the hour, and is going to call in this afternoon.
my daughter,s OT moved quickly its local housing office who are dragging their heels l spoke to OT today and he said he has been on phone to housing and they said that its the builder who they have contract with who only have a three man team to do this type off work guy from the housing has promised to see more about it as mines is on his priority list
we will wait and see again
Give it 'til next Wednesday, Jean, then ask for a complaints form and the name of an organisation that can support you!
ok, an update she called in and will deliver one in the morning.

Will keep you's posted.
Hi Cuppa,
A letter to the local paper sometimes does the trick - a nice and clear message. Its a shame you have to lose your privacy in that kind of situation though. A local councillors surgery or a visit to your GP may also be useful - I wasn't sure if this was a NHS bed or a Social Care bed?
l will do that Charles thanks for info we are having to keep using wheelchair and it is getting to much for me OT has said he has done as much as he can it is up to housing now l think it is the builders has when the guy from the housing was out last year he said he would get it done as soon as possible
l will let you know how l get on
one shower seat dropped of 9.15 this morning.

5 star service. Image
Brother in law downsized to suit his housing association and they agreed the adaptations he required would be done as soon as possible.

Following the rottweiller (me) snapping at their heels the housing association have now admitted in writing the house is not really suitable until it is adapted and it will be July before they will have any more renovation budget and even then he would be 5th on the urgent list.

Needless to say this letter is winging its way to my MP in the hope he can share it with his colleagues and get something done.

The OT called within two days of my phone call and the paperwork done by return of post, but the housing association are dragging their heels now.

Take care
Doesn't it make interesting reading? It seems that the whole chain is riddled with hassle and delay. And those that shout and savage are those that get some sort of service, albeit, delayed. It's so wrong. We have enough to do and need the equipment to enable us to care.

Our local authority are known to provide an especially poor service wrt to equipment and adaptations but it is no surprise to hear that others struggle to get their needs met in other areas. It does appear, though, that my LA has a particularly poor OT assessment service.

Interesting too that you, Carerwatch, have had a speedy return on a request for a small piece of equipment - that too has been my experience with my mother - assessed and delivered within a week(different LA) but then the equipment was pretty standard stuff and in their stores. It seems that when the item has to be specially purchased (and is expensive) or involves another agency (like a housing office or association) then the delays are long.

Excalibur, thank you for your ideas. I had thought of the local paper as well as MP but strongly feel that if I am going to have to spend time and energy getting the assessment and the bed, then I may as well try and get things improved for others at the same time. While the local papers relish a good story at the expense of the LA and may produce the necessary assessment and piece of equipment for my son and myself, it will not elicit a fundamental improvement in the system here....and that's what needs to change!

As to whether it's an NHS bed or a social care bed - I am not sure what you mean by that. It's a bed that will enable me to manoevre my son whilst he is still in it so that I don't have to carry him through to the bathroom (on my back) when post-ichtal but can clean and change him in-situ. An electric jobbie!

Good luck to all fellow fighters ....hope you get your needs met sometime soon Image
I thought I should just let you know that following a complaint to my LA, an OT assessment followed within 2 weeks. Yesterday, a specially ordered (for size), all singing, all dancing nursing bed was delivered and installed. I can now toss my son like a pancake!

So, a complaint worked in as much as I got the equipment, finally. But the complaint is clearly going to run on as none of my questions have been answered. I asked for an explaination as to why I had to wait so long, if such a long wait usual, if such a long wait is acceptable and if not what's going to be done about it...the answer I got was 'here's the assessment, hope you are happy!'. So I skipped straight to stage 2 of the process. Already the LA have broken their procedures for a stage 2 complaint and this is what I so hate about complaining......the complaint starts as a complaint about one service and then escalates into a complaint about the complaints process as well. It happens every time and it's no wonder I am reluctant to lodge one...it's a very effective deterent. But I'll battle on.

At least, and at last, I have the bed Image