waiting for ramp

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does anyone know how long l should wait for ramp to be put in l have been told they are waiting for planning premission l didnt think they would have to do that as its on my property
any advice would be grateful
thanks again
I'm afraid whose property its on isn't relevant if planning permission is needed, Jean.

As to delay - realistically you are looking at betweeen three and six months depending on the performance of your local planning department. These things vary tremendously between different local authorites.

If it's any help as an indication, the bungalow next to my Aunt's became vacant before Christmas; the new occupant started paying rent on it in December but can't move in until there is a ramp; and work started on the ramp last week.

I'm sorry as I suspect this isn't what you wanted to hear. Perhaps things will be quicker in your region - let's hope so.
thanks for your reply John will just have to wait and see l will just have to use Lisa,s wheelchair as l can fold it l got her a scooter has she is getting too heavy for me to push she is priority one will have to wait and see what difference that makes
thanks again for your reply
take care