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Leader debate - Carers UK Forum

Leader debate

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Superb debate - never before have carers managed to take centre stage in a General Election.
This evening, we did.
I think we should take our hats off to the superb campaigning work of ordinary carers at local level, to the trustees and staff of Carers UK, Imelda and Matt in particular, to the direct action work on the streets of the Carers Poverty Alliance, and to our friends and allies on all sides of the House and in the BBC.
There are so many issues that could have been raised: the fact that caring was even on the agenda is really quite amazing. Things will never be quite the same again: we have finally arrived.
i enjoyed the debate, but wont hold my breath on anything happrning for us. just another pat on the back. yet nothing new
There is no credit due to anybody for the content of that debate! We are being USED as an electioneering tool and once the election is over they will drop us like a hot brick!

The whole issue of carers being USED in this way reduced me to tears - because not one of them actually meant a thing they were saying - LIES LIES and more damned LIES!!!!!!
Many carers' have been campaigning behind the scenes, and tonight is an historic moment for carers. Image Image
Anyway at least we were Acknowleged Image
All I seen was three of them agreeing that the elderly shouldn't have to sell their homes and all carers number one issue is respite, one of them said something about a weeks holiday I'm taking that to mean I can book a week in the Maldives, where the rest of you going Image
No mention of increase in carers allowance, so presumably they all agree there won't be any increase.
Very disappointing imo.
I'm off to Thebes with my caree on Monday for a Nile cruise , assuming the flights are back on schedule.

But in the meantime, , thanks ...mmmm ... I just love to be used and abused like this!!

Why? well, it means we have been noticed.

Now, that's progress - at least we are no longer invisible.

What's more, we now have a clear reference point to hold all three leaders to account.

Big changes are often quite subtle when they happen, but the debate tonight was rather more important if less spectacular than a volcanic eruption in Iceland, and in the long run, I know which event will have the greater long-term consequences.
We will revert to being invisible as soon as the election is over!
I think they should have mentioned that all carers want more respite except for some bloke up in Scotland called Excalibur as he would have trouble fitting any more in Image
Speak for yourself, Boggle, I have this odd thing called a "Visibility Cloak" that seems to follow me wherever I go! Image Image Image And yes, vicky, you are quite right, I have problems scheduling organising the respite into my busy diary, but is that such a bad thing? Image Image Image