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very sad day

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my friend michelle who i class as an older sister has been caring for her older friend marion for ages, although she says shes being a friend i dont see how bathing, feeding and always being there between work and her own family is just being a friend. ANY WAY
michelle is a strong woman, helps me no end- known to every one as auntie michelle knocked on my door to tell me she had spent the night in hospital holding marions hand while she passed away,
only for her sister in law to arrive as she is next of kin and complete ignore michelle , michelle being nice offered to phone around the people both her and marion knew- no need i have a list! she was told. Michelle has been their for marion through everything- her husbands early departure, the illnesses and everything. any time of the night or day.

I staid strong, i didnt cry not until we parted on her doorstep, got her a nice card and a bunch of flowers as a pick me up (as cheering up just isnt going to happen) and she needs to realsie i appretiate her even if this siter in law doesnt. (the sister in law hasnt been heard from in ages, christmas card posted this year not even a visit)
Michelle also lost her uncle last week so shes had a tough time and to find out another friend is ging in to the local hospice.
THEN to top it all off just seen a pic on facebook of janes lovely ben writing his message to rhys
Here come the tears AGAIN!
So sorry to hear about Marion. I am sure Michelle knows what a good friend she has in you. She can also always live with respect for herself,as she did all she could for a good friend. xIf her family choose to ignore that, then let them. My brother didn't come to Rhys's funeral, I have had more loving support on here than from him.
Families can be very strange.

Sending you (((((hugs))))) Rin.x
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Michelle should be OK, she has friends like you there to help her through. I wonder if Marrion's sister in law is as deserving as Michelle is? Probably not, but what you have got me thinking about having read your post, is the fact that there are so many of us out there who are both willing and happy to care, and in the light of my experiences this past year, we do it at our own expense too, and there are those who live their lives with little consideration for others, yet would complain at the least inconvenience!
Your friend Michelle knows she did right by her friend, it just makes me wonder how people like her sister in law are that shallow in themselves, that they can do what they do without even taking a step back! Michelle could probably do with a coffee and an afternoon shopping or whatever you lasses do.......lol Image
im taking her for coffee monday morning, and tomorrow afternoon i am invading hers with with my 2 girls for lots of hugs and a go on her daughters Wii lol
michelle is naturally caring, shes a nurse at the local dr. she really is a wonderful all round good egg, i wouldnt be with out her!
I hope that marion didnt leave any of her hoard of money to the sister in law, michelle doesnt want anything just a picture of them from many moons ago so i hope its all left to charity lol,
michelle has put her self out, at her expense not just money but time out of friendship .
Amy is rather upset as she was marions lil friend, so we will listen to westlife as marion did like them alot and maybe light a candle with michelle
I think it will,maybe,be your energy,your support right-now that can count most.Your freind has done a terrific job.She has been a great support.Now,your support will be her prop.
Sometimes a good friend is a better person to know than a relative.

Apart from my husband and our great nephew and his parents I would choose my friends over the rest of the rellies any day.

Take care
thats very sad, it seems that your friend is a very caring lady. hope your ok too..
yes,i know a freind can be a true brother or sister.i know we are blessed by our freinds.
Thinking of you both Rin

x x