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Vehicle Tax - Disabled Class

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This may only be relevant to some members who have taxed a vehicle under the disabled class within the last 12 months.

I taxed my vehicle under the disabled class last February for the first time (wife as disabled passenger in receipt of highest allowance of DLA). This was done using a form (about 3 pages) provided in October 2010 by DWP.
Anyway the vehicle tax was due for renewal at the end of this month and I had not received the reminder notice from DVLA. I thought I would try renewing the tax online, all was going well; entered vehicle details etc. wife's NI number. Then there came a section for DLA404 Certificate Number. I checked the original form used, there was no certificate number on it or reference to it being a DLA404 certificate.

I phoned DVLA who were extremely helpful and informed me that back in October 2011 DWP had changed their system regarding free tax for disabled drivers/passengers; they no longer issued the letter type form which was valid for use only once. They had replaced it with the DLA404 certificate which was valid indefinitely and could be used each time vehicle tax was renewed. DVLA suggested I phone DWP and request the DLA404 certificate number for my wife.

I duly phoned DWP who were not so helpful. They refused to give me the certificate number over the phone, but said they would send it out to me in the mail and I could expect to receive it in 7 - 10 days. When I asked why my wife had not been sent a DLA404 certificate back in October when the system had been changed, the woman on the phone could not give me an answer.

My vehicle has now been re-taxed, the certificate arriving sooner than expected.

If your vehicle tax under the disabled class is due for renewal it would be worth checking well in advance that you have a DLA404 certificate (if one is applicable to you).

I'm thankful I didn't try and re-tax my vehicle at the Post Office in town. The queue is always a 30 minute wait at least and the staff there would have been better suited to working for the Gestapo.
you didn't say if the DLA is care of mobility

I get DLA highest rate mobility and medium rate care, and with highest rate mobility we were allowed to get a mobility car, and mobility takes care of everything from Tax to new headlight bulbs, all we have to do is put the fuel in.