The attacks on Rowan Williams by the tabloid press are shameful.The Prelate has voiced the concern of millions as to the fate of the most vulnerable in society.He spoke with passionate feeling and with the eloquence we have come to expect of our country's most learned theologian and head of the worldwide Anglican Church.The hysterical ourbursts of rage his Christian concerns have triggered show how shallow ,self-seeking and hypocritical our so-called government's agenda actually is.What we as carers need to do is to speak out in his defence.He echoes Christ's teaching in the Sermon on the Mount."You cannot serve God and Money"is nowhere more appropriate than in the present debate when a government seeks to make up the bankers' shortfall by stealing the widows' mites.Christ overturned the tables of the money changers and now Rowan Williams is turning the tables on the government in their pharisaical self-serving.A government with more than twenty millionaires in the cabinet and we as carers are expected to show respect.What we need to show them is the door.A million French took to the streets over a proposed increase of a year-from 61 to 62-while cuts a hundred times worse are unrolled here. Not until Rowan Williams spoke out did people realize what horrors lie in wait if we do not listen , learn from his wise words and act accordingly.