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Heating Oil

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The government are making a big issue about getting petrol prices down as quickly as possible due to the drop in the price of a barrel of crude.
Can Carers UK also let them know that the price of Heating Oil is also directly related to the price of Crude and a lot of elderly people rely on Oil Central Heating but cannot afford to fill there tanks as the price is still very high compared to a barrel of crude.
Last November 2007 I filled my tank when Crude was at $107 a barrel,a litre for my tank cost 49.14p,Crude is now at about $50 - $60 a barrel and a litre will cost as much as 52p.
You don't have to be a genius to see how much we are getting ripped off by Oil Companies and Retailers.
Is there any way in which Carers UK and other parties can pressure the Government to rectify this situation?

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Anyone paying 52ppl is certainly being ripped off. This is another case of those of us with access to the web benefiting - see http://www.boilerjuice.com/heatingOilPrices.php for a graph of national average prices (latest is just over 43ppl). True, it is for 1000 litres and some may not be able to afford that much at one time, but unless you buy very small quantities it surely will not put the litre price up more than a few pennies.

There is also a link on the homepage of that website to a "government petition to lobby for the five per cent fuel duty on home heating oil to be repaid to pensioners and the disabled."
I filled up our tank today and was pleasantly surprised to have only paid £319 compared with the £460 back in April!
The 52ppl was from the comparison site boilerjuice.com,the best price I found was from fueloildirect.co.uk.
The whole purpose of my question was to get a response from Carers UK,to try and get some support in trying to get the oil price down to a realistic figure,49.14ppl when crude was $107,does not compare to 52ppl when crude is $50-$60,this differential in crude oil price should make heating oil well below 40ppl.

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Ah - I should have looked where you hail from! The Boilerjuice best price here is 39ppl. Just shows how much higher costs are in the more remote rural areas. Oil-fired heating is the only practical option in rural areas - but rural areas have a small proportion of the electorate, so it is hard to make our voices heard. Rural poverty has been an issue for years, albeit I am not aware of any organisations campaigning on the issue.

You are right that the pattern of heating oil price change does not make sense, even allowing a time lag for refining. Increased demand also allows higher prices to be charged, but even that does not explain all of the oddity.

CarersUK has many issues to cover in its' campaigning. I would suggest that there might be a slot for this in the 'carer poverty' issue, with special mention for rural carers who are affected more by all fuel costs.

[Thanks for the reference to fueldirect, I had not found them myself.]
Hi Hamish

This is a very general issue so it is not something we would lobby Government on as a stand alone issue, as it isn't a specific carers issue.

However Cotula is right, that we have lobbied on the addtional problems facing carers in rural areas - and the high fuel costs is part of that along with higher transport costs, reduced choice and access to services, having to pay more for careworkers etc. We will continue to this make this point as we press for improvements to carers' benefits.
Thanks for the replies.
Inverness is not a rural area,it is classed as a City with over 300,000 inhabitants,but just as a little comparison,since petrol prices are linked to the price of crude could you tell me what you are paying per litre for petrol,we are paying 92.9pl.(unleaded)
This might not seem relevant,but if you are paying roughly the same for petrol as we are,then heating oil should also be the same.
Another link for you is petrolprices.com.

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Sorry, for some reason I read your location as Inverness-shire! I used to work in Aberdeen and occasionally visited Inverness, back in the 1980s, so I do know it is a substantial place, though I don't think it was classified as a city back then. However, the North East of Scotland is relatively less populated than even this part of England, which does affect some prices, as does distance from fuel depots.

I do not buy petrol too near to home as for some reason petrol prices are higher round here than just a short distance away. At the supermarket I go to in Frome, standard unleaded is down to 92.9p according to petrolprices. It has been the cheapest petrol for miles every time I have checked in the last year or so, so as I go there to shop (or pass by) twice a week anyway, I just go there routinely now.
Heating Oil unlike gas and electricity is is not under the auspices of EnergyWatch. Boilerjiuce is OK if you have the readies and they cover the area you live in, not here - we only have Scottish Fuels- Hobson's Choice. Considering we are literally floating on the stuff, there is something far wrong!

For example I paid 59.9p a litre for 500litres last week + 5% tax.

And I paid £1.12.9 for petrol yesterday, which peaked @ £1.36 a couple of months ago. Diesel reached £1.49.9 !.

AND I pay £83 a month direct Debit for electicity, I got letter yesterday saying this will go up to £95 a month from next month. Merry Christmas - remeber don't not to fritter your Carers' Allowance Christmas bonus on to many luxuries.

Energy usage is turning into a luxury. Any form of heat needs a lot of energy and there is no cheap option available on the market.
This is just the wake up call.
Hi annab,
I was phoning around today for a quote,unfortunately I have no idea where you stay but Scottish fuels 01463 238989,01463 232370 which incorporates CPL Petroleum quoted me at 40.9ppl,and hIghland fuels 0800 224224 were quoting at 39.6ppl.
This is for Inverness,the others were higher priced.

With the OPEC meeting on Saturday 29 November,I thought it best to top up today.