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UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections)

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Hi Ladybird, I just wanted to send some hugs to you as well. I know exactly what you mean by your mum's spirit drawing away; I sense it with my own mum. Yes, the urine infections are dreadful and I have a hell of a time trying to get her to drink. Not much I can say to comfort you at this time but rest assured you are not alone. Feel free to PM me any time. Take care, Anne x
I can feel your sadness Ladybird. Can I recommend a really helpful book "A Safe Journey Home" by Felicity Warner. It is a lovely book which tells you all you need to know to help a loved one die gently and with dignity once medicine has reached its limits. It was published last year and I bought my copy on Amazon I think but I'm sure your library would order you a copy in if you wanted. Will be thinking of you.
(((Hugs))) Ladybird through my tears.

I know just what you mean about your mum drifting from you.

Thinking of you all.

Take care
Sending you Big Hugs, It is very hard to watch somebody you love , in any pain
or discomfort. when my mum had these infections her mind went crazy. very hard
on the person. You just remember that little old lady . as you say. a big part of her
is in you. Try and talk about past memories, good ones when you are with her., I know
the stress you are under. thinking of you.
Minnie x
Dear Ladybird,
Big hugs from me, you have put into words much of how I feel about my own mum, especially since her last hospital admission. "Shrinking away from me" describes it so well. The phrase "I never thought I'd end up like this" has cropped up regularly since she was fitted with a long term catheter in January. So many little things add up to the fact that I feel she won't be here much longer that I'm afraid to even book a holiday. So many mixed emotions, I hate seeing her suffer but will miss her desperately when she is no longer around.