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UTI after Stroke

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Make sure they know that you cannot be with your dad to care for him 24/7 and that he will need assistance (bathing, toileting, dressing, giving meals) and he should have reablement community PT for stroke and fracture that he ought to have had before, and tell them he already had one unsafe discharge and you don't want him having a second!

Good luck and stand firm!
It's really important that staff realise that what dad says he can do is not necessarily what he can do NOW. My mum would tell staff she could do all sorts of things that she hadn't done for ages, the truth of her situation was somehow just too difficult for her to admit to herself, never mind anyone else.

Also beware of the "My daughter will do it" trap. My mum had some annual reviews, didn't tell me, then I saw the updated assessment which said "my daughter..." although I was widowed, disabled, trying to run a business and had an adult son to care for!!
The section on the assessment that said "does the carer want an assessment" said No, without anyone asking me!!!!
He needs to be assessed for equipment needs, walking frame and he may need a hospital bed. If his bed and bathroom toilet is upstairs, and he is in danger of falling or tripping, he's probably going to need the bed downstairs with a commode. The OT needs to assess the living arrangements and get everything sorted before he returns home (or possibly to a rehabilitation hospital). Emphasize he had the stoke, and fracture THROUGH A FALL, and now has more mental health confusion and (balance &dizzyness?) issues due to the uti delirium. He is considerably worse than before the stroke and fall and markedly worse because of the uti induced delirium. Don't let them minimize his health issues and lack of independence.
If you can, show up early this afternoon so you can assess your dad before the social worker comes.