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Uses for Direct Payments

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We have been on DPs for a number of years and have always been told that, as long as we submit all receipts, paid invoices etc. to our Council with our 1/4ly paperwork (PAs wage details etc.), our DPs can be used for all sorts of things which are directly associated with hubby's needs. This includes advertising for PAs, hoist maintenance charges, wheelchair insurance, rise and fall bed maintenance charges etc. BUT, at a local discussion group about DPs, the woman in charge of the finance department at the Council was forever telling everyone that they can only be used for CARE purposes. We know that not to be true, it's very misleading. Has anyone else experienced this? Our Council are happy with our 1/4ly returns, but this lady was adamant that they could only be used for CARE.
Is this a question of the difference between Direct Payments and Individual Budgets?
Does this lady really know about the system of DPs?
If the folk you are submitting your 1/4ly returns to - isn't their problem, and not yours?

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Haven't we got enough to deal with without sorting out inter-departmental local authority/government/DWP issues??????????????
You have my sympathy.
Bureaucracy Rules. KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep cool.
Frandrake, all of the things you've listed would be considered to be care-related. If you cannot advertise for a care worker you cannot obtain care. If you don't maintain a hoist, you can't use it, etc.

It's all about interpretation and sometimes people in finance departments need this explaining. Sounds like the people who take your quarterly "accounts" do understand, while this other person has a narrower view?
Hmm, all these things are classed as 'care', but this lady wouldn't have it. She interpreted it as meaning CARE as in PAs etc. Didn't understand about the other things, like the hoist etc. We just thought it was misleading to other people in the room that's all.
Hi guys, here they're very strict!
You can't use the money for anything other than 'care' and I mean wages for the P.A. nothing else!
If you need equipment you need to ask and they come out and assess it first and if they agree, they then top up the money by how much you need!

Every area seems to work slightly differently, just to make it nice and confusing! Image

In Edinburgh, the council allowed washing machines, holidays etc. but not here!!

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