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Use of Direct Payments Money - Carers UK Forum

Use of Direct Payments Money

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Just a request for advice from anyone with experience.
In the past year we have had problems with recruiting PA's this has fortunatley been resolved but it means we have a build up in our DP acceount of funds we were unable to use.
This is for PA's rather than the broader Individul budget.
We are normally allowed to pay out for job ads rubber gloves etc without any query. What we would like to do is use about £2500 to pay for a mobile hoist which would allow both myself and the PAs to get the OH out of her chair when we are away from home iether visiting relatives or even just shopping. At the moment I can lift her myself but iether my back is getting weaker or she is getting heavier ( probably both) and it is proving more difficult, the girls have no chance.
So I think there is a case that this is a legitimate expense to allow the PAs to do theire job. I have not yet approached the LA about this use of the money I wondered if anyone else had done similar.

We have already asked the OTs for help but they have been unable to assist.
This is a difficult one because different councils will have very different views about whether this is reasonable or not, Tony. All you can do is ask.
We have to pay back any of our surplus monies.

If I were you, I'd ask about this. They get 'funny' with us over things like this, all to do with hubby's care, but they still get funny.

Ask them, cos it's another health and safety issue both for yourself and your assistants and you wife's safety too.
you can use Direct Payments Money to buy a mobile hoist
i should put if OT say it's ok
Looks good to me. It all depends on your local scheme. We use the In Control scheme, which is very flexible, because it is really up to us what to spend the budget on as long as it contributes towards the agreed outcomes. Support workers hourly payments, art and music classes, theatre and concert tickets, canoeing, pony-trekking, go-karting, ski-ing and swimming lessons, day trips, meals and travel, holidays and youth exchanges abroad, computer and video equipment, accommodation, specialised sports clothing; you name it, we have done it. Its a real eye opener, and is still much cheaper and more effective than attending an "Adult Training Centre" or a registered respite facility.
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