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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.

I really dont think I have got anything to aplogise for and was not being 'disrespectful' excalibur, et al,. I believe the CEO of CUK is paid £60,000 per year, but am open to correction. I would not want to rock the boat too much if I was getting that salary.............
Sorry if I misunderstood you but you stated that if you were in receipt of £60,000 you would not want to rock the boat too much, that seems to be very much a statement of values to me.

No-one is going to be entirely satisfied with everything an organisation does but there seems to be a lack of understanding of the enormous amount of hard work which goes into a campaign like this. The amount of coverage which Carers Week has had in the mainstream press at a time when there are a number of competing major political issues being covered due to the expenses scandal and the local and European elections along with other major news stories such as the Brazilian air disaster is a huge achievement for CUK, rather than knock CUK for not being omnipresent in the media and suggesting that the organisation shows bias towards funders it might be better to say thank you for all the hard work put in.
I think anyone who is a career has the right to shout from the rooftops about the unfairness of the system and all the problems of caring but unfortunately an organisation does not have that freedom of action. It can only give the organisations opinion or point of view. It has to act in the diplomatic arena as it were. I am only a member of this site and I can say what I like to the press about caring but in the area I work in I also sit on committees and in those areas I don’t have that freedom. I have to play the game. I feel that CUK do shout but they cant do it in the same way as a member of the public can.
Whenever there is any criticism of CUK there is always the same old group jumping up to defend it - that's all well and good I admire your loyalty, but when I attended one Carers Summit I was amazed at the deferential way in which the invited MP's were treated.

I am not saying that the staff at CUK do not work hard etc but I do feel that there is too much self-defence going on here. My original post was to request that people ring the Jeremy Vine show to get some more media attention during Carers Week. The fact that the CEO is paid as much as an MP was by the way.... and I work very hard but am not so well -rewarded financially. Also I would still maintain that any organisation receiving government grants however small, is still going to be a little bit dependent and defensive about that.

I did not put up this post to insult anyone and I do not think that it is right that I should be treated so, in having my values questioned when I have 'worked' for 3 years 24/7 for a pittance. Why dont you all concentrate on the original intention of my post which is to contact the JV programme instead of jumping on carers. If people are not free to say what they think on this forum then it's a waste of time being on it.

I would reitirerate that I am amazed that the JV programme has not been contacted by CUK (if it has and I am mistaken then that's another matter), but it seems that on this forum one cannot criticise CUK without being attacked.

In conclusion I would say that for all the time I have been using this forum the CA HAS NOT CHANGED ONE BIT.
If you object to the responses to your posts, jojo, I can only suggest that you do as Charles suggests and make your objections known to Gavin or Matt.
I've got more important and pressing things to do - ta very much!
I've got more important and pressing things to do - ta very much!
Good. Image So why not ask your local GP and dentist how much they earned last year.... or your plumber, garage owner or local police inspector for that matter? You might be in for a shock....

In 2007 the Independent noted, the average family doctor now earned, including private income, more than the Lord Chancellor, ministers of state, senior civil servants, and circuit judges.

The BMA points out that salaried GPs (who often work part time in return for a guaranteed income) earn rather less; it estimates their income to be in the region of £70 000 a year.
But these folk really do get paid by government... does that imply they are all in the governments pockets?
Jojo, it's hardly surprising that "the same old group" defends CUK.

After all, this is a CUK website and we're members. You'd also expect Alex to defend CUK: after all, he's a carer and a trustee at CUK. Excalibur is a former trustee at CUK - they are much more likely to be in the know about how CUK is run, don't you think?

Yes, your original point was about the Jeremy Vine show. It's actually not that easy to get a subject on any show if the interest isn't there - even during Carers Week. It's certainly worth a try and thank you for that. I'm also sure that CUK have tried: and will continue to do so.

Concerns have been raised about this thread, and in order to prevent escalation I have decided to lock the thread until Gavin or Matt can look at it and make a decision.

Again, if you feel uncomfortable with that, please contact Gavin or Matt.