I was where you are back in 2007. wondering can cope ? Am I doing the right thing? How will it change my life. So what can I say to help you. Simple, " DONT DO IT" take to your heels and head for the hills. Can you cope,,, I hope so cos your on your own baby. Your life lol well that stops it doesn't change it DIES. If your over 40 and have to give up work to do it " DONT" you don't have enough time to rebuild.
Its cost me everything, home, health, wife, friends hobbies, job, oh yes and self respect. self respect you say,,, yes you end up tied to some kind of Banshee that knows just how to turn the knife.
No doubt there will be a lynch mob after me for saying this but after 8 years I guess ive earned my two penn'eth. "Don't do it , it will be the biggest mistake of your life"