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18-30 year olds who want to make new friends - Carers UK Forum

18-30 year olds who want to make new friends

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Hi there, I am new to carers uk but I have been a carer for the past 2 years for my amazing partner. I love being a carer, yes it's not my ideal situation but I am happy. The only issue I have is that I don't have many hobbies and I have lost a few friends as they don't understand.

I signed up to carers uk thinking that my problem could be resolved however unless I am being blind there doesn't seem to be anything that brings carers together without it involving raising money or sitting in a community centre an talking about their issues or knitting....

I am 23 and I don't want to talk about my issues nor do I want to stand in a train station holding buckets for money, I want to meet other people who are in the same situation as me and meet people who understand and have fun with them, yes I would like to talk about their situations for a short while and share stories but also do something fun, like go on days out somewhere. Like I said I could be just being blind and there could be things like this set up somewhere, if anyone knows anything like this please share as this would be so helpful to me as I love making friends and I'm sure other young carers are in the same situation.

Anyone with any advice or help please reply, if there isn't anything like this then I will be creating a Facebook page for people between these ages or even older people if they want to which will give people the opportunity to chat informally and make new friends and days out will be organised where we can all meet up and almost forget about everything and just enjoy ourselves.

I hope people will agree with me and look forward to people's comments.

Hi Simon,
Google 'young Adult Carers'. There may well be something there which will help you. Or Try Young Adult Carers and add the name of your area/city. Also explore your local .gov site as you could find something going on.
Hope that helps.
Thank you Elaine! I shall try that.
https://www.facebook.com/Carers-Days-Ou ... 750155575/

If anyone is interested, I have created a Facebook page to bring young adult carers together. I hope this works as I am missing friends in my life.