Urgent Advice needed my Mother's home insurance expired

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Hi there. Embarrassing situation here. I'm a carer for my Mother and juggling lots of things for her. I've realized my Mother's home insurance expired around last September, the paperwork that came through the post got misplaced (just found it the other day) and I haven't renewed it. Am due to phone them to hopefully sort it out. Any idea if I can I just renew from when I phone them, or will I have to start from scratch?
Hi Butterfly

after a year I would expect you to have to a start from scratch ! But first double check your Mum's bank account (or with the insurance company) to make sure she didn't have a direct debit in place to pay it automatically !
Last time I paid was by debit card. Do you think they'd still have records of what the policy entailed? As my Mother sorted all that out before the strokes for me having to deal with things.
Just explain what happened. Do you have POA for mum. If so, this is the time to make sure that every bill etc. for mum is sent to your address instead. Also, in future make sure everything is paid by standing order. My mum was elderly, and physically frail, no dementia, but she had a silly habit of leaving all bills in envelopes. I came across one that said she had an £1800 credit on her electric bill, but not to worry, they'd carry it forward!!!
~Get a lever arch file, some plastic sleeves and 10 dividers, one section for each utility etc. Put each bill in a sleeve, and every year or two ditch the oldest one. I keep the annual statements for the utilities for a few years. My son with LD recently had a bill that said he'd used over 100% more electric in the last year, than ever before. So with the annual statements, and the knowledge that there are no new appliances in the house, I can easily challenge this bill (There are 2 flats, I think they muddled up which bill related to which flat!)