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Best electric razor

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Hi, My dad has dementia and due to arthritis can only use his left hand. He likes to be clean shaven every day and seems keen to get an electric razor to make this task easier. Can anyone recommend a model which works well in these circumstances please?
Hi T.

Internet search ... ELECTRIC SHAVERS FOR DEMENTIA SUFFERERS ... throws up numerous commerical links and several similar questions on supporting care forums.

In addition , advice from some supporting organisations ... I trust with NO commercial links ?

Best so far ?

Alzheimers forum :

https://www.alzconnected.org/discussion ... 2147520904

Needless to add , shaving is a very individual task ... no one size fits all solution here !
I (female) cannot recommend a model but when I needed to buy one for DH my son and I chose one that worked wet or dry so that if he forgot it was electric and dipped it into water it would still work. (Perhaps they are all OK in water nowadays, but not in those days.)
Thanks Chris, that's really helpful. Will check out your links.
I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I just (6 weeks or so?) bought a rotary shaver for my son who is moving into a dorm. He doesn't have a super full beard, but what's there is pretty coarse, and he likes it. Says no burn or irritation at all. I can't speak to its longevity whatsoever, but it seems like a pretty nice shaver. Supposedly, you can wet shave with it, so maybe dad could still enjoy a nice pre shave treatment or something? Good luck.

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