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i am just waiting for the nurse to call and see petes leghe does seem better in himself i hope this is a good sign as his leg is covered up Lola you have gone quiet no more quotes or sayings? i look all the time for your postings i hope everybody else is ok i am feeling not to bad at the moment i have had blood tests and other things they came back ok so i must just be run down i dont know if you all so my posting about my daughter having another baby in march it is her 10th she always said she wanted a big family lol she has got one
i will go now let you know later when the nurse has been Molly
Thx for the update Molly and hope everything goes well when nurse comes to see to Petes leg.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read your daughter expecting her 10th child but it must be an exciting time for you all.Lets hope she has the baby on the 8th March,all the best people born on that date.. Image Image Image .

Can you try get some rest yourself Molly when Pete rests? You are going to need all your strength again.

Keep us posted when you can.

x x x
Petes leg looks a lot better still a mess but not as wet looking the nurse will be back on friday .Thanks Rosemary for getting intouch i will have to go now Molly
Glad to hear that the nurses have been calling Molly and that Pete's leg is healing. Congrats to you all on your recent birth, your daughter certainly got her hands full now! Irish families always had big families, but not as much now, my Mum was the eldest of 8.

I think our Lola has found a new hobby becoming a Chef, no doubt she makes a great chef, but we do miss her poems and quotes don't we Molly Image Image

Take care of yourself and keep us updated!

Maryann x
Boo! Here I am! No I haven't forgotten you - how could I forget! Image Image

Molly I will try and look up some inspiring quotes, just for you, and everyone, I always look forward to finding quotes and poems and sharing them with everybody! I hope that everything goes OK for you Congratulations on your daughters good news - something to look forward to.

I always like dropping by and browsing the posts on this forum.

I was watching the programme yesterday "Born To Be Different" Channel 4 9pm, I have come to the conclusion that Carers are just so special, it was about children with disabilities and their families and what struck me was the love, strength and support of the families that helped the kids enormously, it was so touching and emotional - did anyone here see it?

Me a Chef! Image - I think you are being too kind Maryann, I do like experimenting though and find cooking relaxing too, when I am in the mood, and especially when it turns out OK.

I hope that you are having fun with the naughty trio Chesney, Chloe & Chicco, Maryann

Anyway take care for now, I will post soon
Lots of Love
Lola - I hope you're not going to the Mrs Cropley School of Cooking.

I don't think I'm ready for raw parsnips with a marmite dip. Image
Lola - I hope you're not going to the Mrs Cropley School of Cooking.
Mrs Cropley was a character in the Vicar of Dibley, who had an idiosyncratic approach to cooking. For example anchovy and coconut cake.
No Charles I haven't been at the cooking sherry yet! Image Image Image
i like to think i am a bit of a chef cant stop watching any tv about food and you know what they say never trust a thin chef.
however i can watch hours of tv cookery love NIGELA then what do i do cheese sarnie sometimes toasted

i used to love cooking for STAN when we go to BELGIUM ANNIE who owns hotel lets me cook english breakfast and not just for our mob on a couple of visits i was doing dozens even cooked for the GERMAN visitors they love their grub on one visit we got on realy well with the GERMANS and in the evening when STAN and the old doll BETTY were in their blazers with all their medals on display (we used to call the old doll mutley medal medal medal just for saving dick dastardly) anywho this night when we were getting in the car stan could walk a little bit the GERMANS were quite shocked they just stood and looked, in the bar that evening(ANNIE had told them all about STAN) they asked why STAN did not hold a grudge against them and how could he be so friendly towards them STAN just said whats the point lifes to short .
we had a hell of a night and as STAN was fluent in GERMAN we joined in plenty of songs
i was unable to drive next day so the GERMANS took us on their bus to visit TYNE COT near YPRES