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Unpaid fullitime carers salary loss. - Carers UK Forum

Unpaid fullitime carers salary loss.

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Research that l have been looking at explains that we fulltime unpaid carers loose in income terms on an average salary of £14 500.00.

What l cannot understand is that the statement of the applicable hours for so called fulltime work which the job centre plus have advised me is that anything over 16 hrs a week either volunteering in a charity shop or anything over 16 hrs is classed as fulltime.

For this 35 hrs miniumum plus (some of us are 45 /24/7) hrs Carers Allowance is then paid or in my case long term incapacity benefit which due to so called discrimminatory overlapping rules includes carers allowance and the age addition. ie to £94.76 total.

How this is not part of an employment contract in legal terms with the state as the employer what l a, saying is the government with the social security legislation is actually breaking the minimum wage rule and also our fundamental carers human rights.

What l am going to do now is since the advent of the new equality act of the 1 October 2010 l am going to apply for working tax credits on the back of this new rights that fulltime unapid carers have out of the workplace and in the workplace.
watch this space for my findings.

What is our status as fulltime unpaid carers status, are we put into the class of unpaid workers if so fine.

But with the new gove and all the cut backs and actually forcing anyone in receipt of benefits to do community work is not what we do dont we have any protection from use and abuse of who and what we are.

Government and local councils cannot look after or care fulltime for the elderly,disabled and infirm on council lists now or who actually receive any social work services.

What is the difference between a fulltime social work carer and us. Nothing in fact we are there 24/7 and are general dogs body to the person we care for out of pure love and support
and to try and make their quality life that bit better.

But this government just uses and abuses us and counts on our love for the person we care for so that they do not have to supply a fulltime carer themselves at increase cost in salary.
kenneth2 now fife
social workers,bless-em,train and qualify,then seek a job,so,clearly,they have a salary which goes someway to reflecting this.social workers have a mighty caseload.social workers are damed whatever they do.we see how the press goes to town when they seem to get things wrong.

while im no fan of social workers,i cant see what carers and social worker have in comon re-any sort of salary level.

carers ,in terms of certificated studies,are unqualified.so,theres no real comparison,in my view.if we were to peg carers to some job with a salary for comparison,which job would that be,i wonder?.