Breaks For Carers ? Fine ... For Some ?

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Article from today's Independent which mirrors the results of the State of Caring Survey 2017 ... used as their source material : ... 33821.html
One in four unpaid carers haven’t had a day off in four years, new research has found, prompting warnings that people are reaching “breaking point” as they struggle to take even a day away from care responsibilities for years at a time.

A report by Carers UK found that carers — defined as those who provide unpaid support to a family member or friend who has a disability, illness or mental health problem or is ageing — are struggling to spend time with partners and children or to see a doctor for their own health conditions.

Nearly nine in 10 (87 per cent) of carers said they still “struggle” to attain time away from their care duties, due in part to cost (32 per cent), the cared for person being unwilling to accept support from others (31 per cent) and a lack of specialised support on offer (27 per cent).
What is interesting are the comments towards the bottom.

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Particularly in the field of mental health, it seems to me, no support and advice is given to spouses and partners. Partners are not even told what the diagnosis is and never told that it is a long term condition. Sometimes the medical profession deal with it exclusively and fail to make any referral to social services.
The only break we got was 4 times a year when our son went to the children's hospice and had he lived we would have lost even that even though our caring role was harder than most. I wouldn't care if it meant we could have him back again...