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Under Pressure

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Hi Scruffy,
sorry to hear you are having problems getting through to the helpline. I suggest you email them and request a call back. Email advice@carersuk.org

Thanks Melly,
I'll try doing that in future.

My advocate is going to contact the surgery tomorrow and ring to let me know the result.

Hi Melly,
Don't know if you know but after sending an email I had an automated response which said they are currently very busy and it could take longer than the usual 5 days to reply.

Hi Scruffy,

I have amalgamated your 3 threads together so it is all in one place for members to follow and possibly help you further.

x x
Thanks for that. I thought the thread had suddenly grown. :)

Things are much better now. The nurse has been stopped from coming out although I've been contacted twice by the head of community nurses to say how upset the nurse is that she upset me. I can't really accept that due to how this nurse has been and the way in the past she suddenly declared mum's sore had become a lot worse and was now a grade 4 or 5. It wasn't.
She had said this to get me to accept carers by believing my care was not good enough.
Another reason I believe that to be untrue is because either side of her bombshell, the evening nurses had been telling me the sore was doing well and healing.

This nurse if she had such bad news to break showed no concern for me about breaking this 'news'.

The head of community nursing told me that the nurse didn't intend to ask probing questions, she was just concerned that I was with mum all day every day and saw nobody but the nurses. I told her she should have accepted my first answer about visitors. In fact two of the nurses turned up when I had visitors here.

I also said that this nurse had dressed a leg wound from last September to January of this year and hadn't once been concerned enough to ask about visitors then.

So I stuck to my guns and told her that I wasn't going to change my mind about this. Not after all I'd been through.

It's just taking me a bit of time to trust she won't turn up. Each time I open the door to the nurses in the morning I am wary of finding that nurse on the doorstep.

Thanks to everyone for all your replies and support.
Scruffy :)