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Busy here around Glasgow, my guess is this is a cynical ploy to increase UK trading activity before the end of the financial year - its a bit like Craig Whyte selling three years of Rangers advance season tickets to Ticketus.
Boosting the tax take is a very nifty scheme.What a jolly jape that fine Chappie Francis Maude came up with.Halfords sales of petrol cans have trebbled this week.Filling those cans.Jolly wheez Francis.Ripping idea.Just hope that the great unwashed wont set their sheds on fire storing fuel.

FRANCIS YOU PLONKER!. Image Image Image Image Image
Im sure Desmond Morris would fine this "panic" interesting.Watching how people become very focussed on their own needs first.Fueling their cars.Its very interesting.The comunity aspect seems to go by the way.
Really awful to hear about the woman pouring petrol in her kitchen with the gas stove on who was burned. That's terrible.
Scenario - what would happen if someone DID go to a petrol station and fill up a jerry can full of fuel (diesel or petrol, doesn't matter)?
And then what would happen if they got arrested by the police for finding it illegally stored in their home? A jerry can holds far more than the legal limit for storing fuel, yet advised to do so.
The person would have been acting on Government advice.....
That advice is encouraging people to act illegally..........


Just a passing thought.
Nice one, Fran. I asked that of a friend yesterday and he agreed it would be an interesting question. Remember the taxi driver with a bin full of diesel a few years ago?? Image

Well, they did it. They emptied the tanks of nearly every station in the area.

My tank was running on fumes this morning when I found one that had had a delivery. We're taking Mike to Whipsnade but we wouldn't have got to Twycross (a lot closer) with what I had in the tank.

As for the government, they've done a Corporal Jones...just ask yourself this: what would these plonkers do in a real crisis??? Image Image Image
Just a quickie - had a quick scan of facebook and there was an RAC ad - join today and get £25 free fuel.

My first thought was: "Where from??????!" Image
Fun and games yesterday morning, I went to fill up at my usual station (BP) when I got there I saw the price had risen from £1.33 to £1.40
Got through the massive que and started to refill the tank, £20 and the pump switched off, they were limiting us to £20 a time.
Not having that I went in and played a storm, showed them my carers card and told them to turn the bloody pump back on. Reluctantly they agreed and I filled my tank, much to the disgust of other customers and staff. £95 quid to fill, normally costs me £82

I wasnt panic buying I had genuine need to fill up as I was running out and due to do my monthly fill up anyway.

Then in the afternoon I had to go to the supermarket, all I heard on the radio was the there was to be no strike, STILL massive ques for petrol everywhere.

I personally think it was the governments sneaky way of getting a big increase in fuel prices done, you can guarantee them prices wont go back down again!
Whipsnade was my childhood zoo, went so many times and how I resent it now being called LONDON Whipsnade. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !
Like Stansted in Essex, hubby's ex-local airport and Luton, my ex-local airport - we hate the LONDON tags on the front. GRRRR.
And Twycross is now grandson's childhood zoo, been so many times to that too.

I like the idea of having the fuel tanks half full. (instead of being half empty :roll: ). Must mean that we're looking on the positive side of things. TUT.
Large-ish queue at Morrisons on Thursday. But no queue at all yesterday....... why the sudden change?
Maybe all those "off-road" 4X4,s which only go "Off-Road",when they deposit and collect their children from school or visit the supermarket,may,for once,due to having no fuel,be OFF ROAD!.oops,nasty.slap my wrists. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image