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Agreed.theres no real prospect of cars being replaced by affordable credible public transport anytime soon.I see the insanity of what we have now.It wont change.
Im stuffed,I cant drive at the moment as ive just had another op, the car is low on fuel (literally in the red with fuel light on) so there is a genuine need for me to go and fill up, whats the betting when im back on my feet and can drive again there wont be any fuel left?

People panic buying thanks to our stupid government causing panic, there isnt even a strike date set yet!
I think that the government is entirely responsible for the panic buying, their statement yesterday was dumb. Our local radio isn't helping either by talking about it so much, however it is news, so they're really in a no win situation.
I live in a rural area, no public transport at all, so I depend on my car for everything. Good news now that the strike won't hit until after Easter, if at all, as they are negotiating. As soon as I see a filling station without a queue I'll fill up, rather than the usual half a tank, then I'll be fine for ages.
I think its just human nature to look after number one in a crisis.Even if it is in the imagination.We hoard food for christmas,bank holidays.No doubt hoarding stamps pre-price increase will happen in some households. Image I wonder if there will be a run on Greggs pasties before VAT is levied on them?.We are a right lot.In any "Crisis",its "Blow you jack,Im alright". Image Siege mentality,rumor fed.Ironic.We seldom listen to Government.Deride them.YET, some of us follow them lemming-like if they predict a shortage of anything. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Government says keep your tank topped up, therefore, even before any strike, everyone is buying petrol like there is no tomorrow and petrol stations are running out. So they order more.
So when/if the strike happens everyone has a full tank and petrol stations fully stocked.
I reckon it's a ploy to negate the strike Image
That's what Baldrick would call a "Cunning Plan" methinks! Actually, I think you've hit the nail on the head, I couldn't understand why the government were saying what they did, but having read your comments I have to agree entirely with your views.
There was a fuel crisis when we lived in Edinburgh. Police had set up roadblocks to test fuel for cars running on red diesel. They took a sample about a pint, tested it, then put it into jerry cans. I was convinced they were getting a supply of fuel for their own vehicles.

Although my car was petrol they still insisted it was tested, but I stood my ground and argued that there was nothing wrong with it, and it was my fuel, and we were having a crisis. It took a bit of persuasion, but back into my tank it went.

I am now convinced today`s fiasco was the government`s ploy to get more revenue in before the end of the finacial year.

Take care
That's a good point too. They reckon that sales were up 80% yesterday, which must mean a lot of extra fuel duty for them. (Don't get me started on that one!!!)
My tanks a quarter full. I usually fill right up, but haven't bothered as I wont sit in stupid queues when there isn't even a strike date set yet! Image
I shall go up to my little garage tomorrow and fill up. I know he wont let anyone fill up who isn't a regular customer. It costs more than Tesco, but is better fuel.