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The possible Fuel haulage strike has created the usual panic buying.One local Petrol Station wont have fuel for three days!.Oh PEOPLE!.
I couldn't get in my local petrol station today I had to use one across town. Hubby says if the car runs out of fuel I can sit on his knee whilst hes in his electric wheelchair ( good job hes no feeling in his legs I'm not as slim as I used to be Image )
I went and filled up today, though I didn't actually need to, but next week I have appts to take oh to and I'll need it then, by which time I don't expect there will be any!
I remembered to fill up before the Budget - so should be good for a couple of weeks or so Image If not I'll have to resort to the bus and a pull along shopping trolley Image Image Image
So wedded to the car is society,that the very thought of not having access to it causes panic buying of petrol.Ofcourse,In some cases a car in needed.But,the idea that we can just go on with individuals expecting to continue car owning and using,is unsutainable.Some do car share.Walk,cycle etc.Most do not.I think this strike,if it comes,might just focus minds?.But we had one years ago.Nothing changed very much.The herd on the school run clogging up the roads just the same.
So let me get this straight...tanker drivers are threatening an Easter weekend strike and people are panic-buying now

So unless they stop using their cars they'll be getting very low round about the time of the strike...

And in the meantime locally the price has gone up 3p while the station owners cash in.

Fantastic. Image
Welcome to Britain. Image Image Image
Perfect timing..........not.

The tanker drivers are planning to strike as we are about to head off to Arbroath and Melton Mowbray! That should be fun.

Take care
Here to chiropractor if I don't use my car:-
taxi into town or walk 4.2 miles
bus to rail station
two trains to destination town rail station
taxi to chiropractor (not on bus route) or walk 3+ miles

time spent at chiropractor's? = no more than 15 minutes

return journey? = see above

How does hubby get to dentist, an hour's drive away, the only building he can get into? He cannot access taxis or the community transport with his large chair. Without the van, he is marooned at home.

That's why a lot of people are dependant on private cars/transportation means. It's maybe not all our fault that we have to rely on them?
I don't think this strike will focus minds any more than the last one did.
And without a car, my oh can go nowhere that is not within pushing distance.
Until there is a convenient, reliable, useable public service, nationwide, we are going to remain 'wedded' to our private transport,