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Days Out are too expensive! - Carers UK Forum

Days Out are too expensive!

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Hello Fellow Carers,

I am a full time carer for my husband, who has had encephalitis.

We try and get out and about for a change of scene (and sanity), but most of the attractions close to where we live are either National Trust, or English Heritage.

The National Trust, and English Heritage charges, which you either pay per visit, or join for the year, which affording membership for the year, is totally out of the question.

You've paid your admission fee, your having a wander around, you get hungry and decide to stay and have lunch. Before you know it, your weekly budget has gone within a day. It seems like an afternoon out is now a luxury. Being a full time carer, getting out is a luxury itself and helps our sanity, but having to keep forking out money we can ill afford is not fair. I don't have to tell you what life is like existing on carers allowance and disabilty living allowance, and having to live so frugally, this subject makes my blood boil!!!

Anyway, does anyone know if The National Trust or English Heritage have a 'disabled and carer' scheme or discount for people with blue badges? I have checked both National trust and English Heritage sites and all they seem to do is want you to join for the year.

I would be grateful if anyone can advise me.

Kind wishes

I have not visited any NT properties for some time but the last time that I did the carer was admitted free of charge, we also were friends of a local NT forest at a reduced annual fee. I have found the NT very disability aware and the staff extremely helpful, it might be worth ringing the property before visiting next time and checking provision for people with disabilites and their carers.
The last time we went to NT the carer was admitted free. As we had gone 'on spec' the lady in the admittance office phoned up to the house to make sure the ramps were in place and to get the small buggy (with a ramp for oh) to come down for us as it was a long walk up.
The upstairs wasn't accessible for oh, but one of the staff stayed downstairs with him and with the help of a brochure (not the same I know) showed him everything we were upstairs looking at. In fact, he had a better 'tour' than we did as he knew much more about it all Image
In fact we had a lovely day out Image
i enjoy country walks,or walks by the sea,cost only shoe leather.it may sound terrible,but,in many years,ive never felt inclined to go to any nt property etc,its just not my scene.
Hi Faye,

Welcome to the forum. I am just down the road to you.

I am always very cheeky when paying admission prices as I ak if there is a carer discount, the other day we went to a wildlife prk and it should have been £31.50 in for the 3 of us, I got Sarah in for £4 and as her carer I got in free.

As for lunches I always like to eat out when we go off which isnt very often at all but the price of food is horrendous, from now on we are taking a picnic unless its the coast and we can have fish and chips on the harbour front.
unless its the coast and we can have fish and chips on the harbour front.
If you're ever up at South Shields, your fish and chips on me Image
Thank you Rosemary, I feel we should go up the north east more as thats where Dad was from, one day we will get up your way
I too am local to you and there are down my way,Blyth,heritage days run every year. Should be one due soon i think. Spread over a weekend when some sites are open FOC and often sites that are not as a rule open.
Keep an eye out
If you fancy a trip to Seaton Deleval hall before Dec i have some free entry tickets,PM me your address and i will post you one Image
We visit NT places sometimes, but hubby can't get upstairs and he doesn't want to look at the books or the videos, he wants to see the real thing. So we just go round the grounds or the gardens instead. We pay as we go, because paying for the whole year, the large amount, seems pointless when we can only access partially.
I ask about discounts as well and usually get free access as hubby's carer, but not always.