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Daycare and transport

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I am trying to sort a daycare placement once or twice weekly for MIL, but none of our local ones provide any transport. Only option would be wheelchair taxi, but having used them a couple of times for other things, the driver usually stands outside puffing on a ciggie and expects someone to wheel her out, and return home is similar ... they unstrap the chair, run it out of the vehicle and someone needs to take her back indoors. There is also added complication, that due to her double front doors, she needs to have a temporary fold up ramp dropped in the porch, then taken up again in order to close the door, and repeat performance when she comes home. I tend to think taxi drivers wouldn't want the hassle or responsibility ...

The only way we can see this would work is for one of us to be there in the morning to supervise her collection, sort the ramps and lock up, then meet again in the afternoon to get her safely back indoors and comfy in her chair, but we both work. I did wonder if the care agency could possibly make someone available to be there around pick up and drop off times, maybe missing out her tea time visit on those days as they could prepare her a sandwich and leave for her tea whilst they are there.

Anyone have any suggestions on how this could work or solutions you have. Thanks
S has a care worker on the days I work, to support him and put him on transport for college. The timings can be tricky e.g. Care worker arriving late / transport running late etc but it does mainly work. I have to check the rotas and contact the agency most weeks re timings of the visits.

Thank you Melly. I was hoping her care providers could offer something like this, so will ask if its possible, even if she has to pay for it. We have been offered taster days at 2 different centres, one only 5 minutes from her home, but reluctant to take her there to see what she could have, and then tell her it isn't going to be possible. Tried to call her Case Co today to discuss options first, but not in so will follow up tomorrow.

Thanks again :)
If the LA are arranging and paying for the daycare then THEY should also be arranging the transport to access the service.