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Is it possible to get an inflatable lift or hoist ? - Carers UK Forum

Is it possible to get an inflatable lift or hoist ?

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Hello everyone

I'm caring on my own full time for my father who has spina bifida & polio. Today my father fell over at 7pm tonight. I'm unable to help him up off the floor as i myself have a hernia and i'm also on crutches at the moment as i have hurt my left knee and so cannot put my body weight on it without pain. And i don't have anybody like family or friends to help me.

I have tonight been waiting for an ambulance to arrive to help get my father off the foor. But he has now been on the floor for around 5 hours & has wet himself twice already. Is there some sort of hoist or inflatable that i can obtain somehow that i might be able to use to help get him off the floor if he has another fall in the future & is not injured ? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

Hmmm! Think I might have seen something somewhere (no doubt expensive!). I'll have a think & see if I can remember where.
It's not what I was originally trying to think of, but at the Naidex Exhibition (disability products), Mangar International Ltd. had two battery powered emergency lifting cushions - the Elk & the Camel. A Google search will easily find them. I will keep my thinking cap on.
Ellcee has some good ideas that I hope will help you. I can only advise the same really, look at all the disability aid websites, surely there must be something? Otherwise although I haven't found my OT any use at all, you could get in touch with your local one and see if they can help you.
about a year before my father passed away I was the only one available at home to move him, the army welfare officer thought we should have a hoist and what they called a hospital bed tilting with pneumatic mattress we were then put in touch with the social services who arranged the hoist and bed ..at first they said he could go into respite care for a long weekend and as they had a hoist and bed they would train me as how to use the bed/ hoist safely ..anywho long story short the bed and hoist should have been delivered on the Tuesday but the dreaded social services said the delivery may now be 6 months and they wanted him to stay in respite care till then ..no way ..we took him home but social services went mad they said they would place an " order" on him to force him to remain in respite care ,,,, we took him out with the threat of the police being called ...the bed arrived on the Tuesday ....the bed was marvellous as was the hoist just wish I had been given them 4 years earlier ....the bed and hoist was given to make my life easier ...
Robert had a Mangar Booster when he was around 7 years old when he was still on his feet (just) but because I have DMD too I couldn't get him up when he fell. Downside is you have to crawl over to where it is situated and drag yourself onto it.

I think the real problem here is the five hour wait! That's simply not good enough. My mum calls the ambulance out a few times each year, really genuine reasons, and she needs to be checked out by a paramedic before they move her. I'm called out as soon as the ambulance have been called out, and I've never ever got there first! So I suggest that you have a word with your ambulance service quality control officer. (I'm personal friends with one who covers a number of counties, he has told me a few times that they are more than happy to come to elderly people who fall).
I had this problem with my mum several times. For a while she was lifted up by two paramedics who came. Then one day a paramedic arrived by himself after another fall and he had an inflatable thing that slid underneath mum and was inflated to a height equal to a chair and she could slide across onto that. From there she could rest and then use her zimmer.

I looked and looked for something similar and they were terribly expensive so in the end I bought something that was still expensive but cheaper than all the others things and that was an inflatable bath lift.

It wasn't meant to be used for getting someone off the floor and probably wouldn't be recommended as elf and safety would probably want the person checked over before being moved but I knew from the amount of times mum slid onto the floor that she wasn't hurt or had broken anything. So I went ahead and used it and it worked well several times after that.

This was the type I got. http://www.betterlifehealthcare.com/vie ... tAoddm8AKA

You might find them cheaper such as this one on private sale...
http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/bath- ... 1021672154

Scruffy x
Thank you so much everyone for all your replies i very much appreciate all the helpful information you have all given me. I'm trying to prevent my dad from falling if i can but in the event that he does fall i need to be able to get him off the floor. I hate having to call out an ambulance to help get him up if he is not injured in anyway. Wish there was some other social help that could come & help people out with a type of lifting cushion which would help take the load of ambulance service. I will look at trying a bath lift as it looks the cheapest option at the moment. Thank you all so much again for all your replies & help it is greatly appreciated.