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Doctor's visit

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Have just made an appointment for me and dad at the docs. I think he's got an infection (chest probably, urinary tract maybe) as he's more than usually confused and forgetful. I feel so guilty that I have to take this out of my dad's hands and be his health monitor. He says he's fine and doesn't understand why we're going to the doctors and I'll feel a proper berk if I'm wrong.
Whilst I was talking to the receptionist, I mentioned that I was his carer and would like to discuss this with the doctor; apparently there's a form I've got to fill in. Who knew?
I mentioned it to my doctor that I'm a carer for my mam and she put it on my records but didn't say anything about filling in any forms. Maybe if I was taking my mam to the doctors it might be different, but she has home visits when needed and I'm always there when the doctor turns up.
Hi Linda. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get home visits too, without the usual jumping through hoops! I feel like a criminal for even considering home visits at the moment Image
I never had to fill a form in, but my oh is wheelchair bound so I have to take him in anyway, though if he's ill and not just going for bloods/results we get a home visit no problem.
been to docs and dad is anti-bioticed up. The form was a one-sheet affair and basically grants permission for the docs to get in touch with social services/carer support agencies etc on my behalf. Shall wait and see what results.....
Hope your dads feeling better soon x
be VERY careful about what your Dad allows them permission to do. I am a Carer for my son, with a learning disability and diabetes. The Social Services team got in touch with the GP about something that had been said at a meeting(that we were not in attendance at),it was for "professionals only."(I found out about it by accident).The nurse in charge of the meeting, made decisions about my son's needs without ever meeting him.She put his life in danger by doing so,and it took me 12 months to get her information removed from his NHS notes at the GP surgery.
I was told that we had given them permission to contact any other agency about our son,when we signed his annual review. Since then, although I do sign it, I always write that if anyone needs to get in touch with anyone else, then we need them to contact us first(my son has a local person from advocacy to support him,and I remind them of this).
It may be thatyour surgery is genuine,and care, but you may just want to give them a ring and clarify things with them.
I hope your Dad is soon better.
That is very interesting, Thank you, I will bear this in mind at the annual review on my cousin , due in March.
hi Botticelliwoman, it was worth following your instincts then and getting your Dad to the surgery.

Lazydaisy, makes my blood boil. Who do these "professionals" think they are?

What is the "annual review" you are all referring too?

Had to go to the doctors again yesterday evening. Dad was behaving so oddly that I freaked out and panicked. We saw another doctor who knows my dad better and he was very understanding and made a follow up appointment for Friday.
However dad was up at four am and in the shed in his jim-jams, trying to finish off a picture frame he's making for somebody. I managed to get him back to bed for an hour and a half but he was up at half six and now he's in his shed again *sigh*
My heart goes out to all of you who put up with this on a regular basis