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True disabled toilets with hoists - Carers UK Forum

True disabled toilets with hoists

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Hi guys this might be old hat to all of you but I was totally unaware of these toilets they are a little sparse in some areas but its fantastic that they are available. We have not had the opportunity to use them yet but only found out about them tonight by chance amazed that none of the professionals have mentioned them to us as our movements have been very restricted for the last 2 years as we have had to give up my hauling the OH from w/c to toilet due to the pain it was causing. If you need a hoist for toileting and want to make a day trip this sounds absolutely ideal.
Check out their website http://changing-places.org/ :D

God that's bad getting excited about a toilet being available...........................
Tony, I TOTALLY understand your excitement. S can use standard disabled toilets, but they are no good for those who need a changing bed and a hoist.

On school trips in the past, we used to change children on the back of the minibus holding up towels for a screen etc Now a days with health and safety, we have to change them before we go and hope for the best ....

Let's hope a lot more of these toilets appear ...


The Disabled or the Changing Places toilets concept was introduced successfully in the UK in 2006 with over 550 Changing Places toilets spread across the country. This has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, enabling them to be far more engaged in their own local communities. :)
Changing Places Toilets are a real improvement on standard accessible toilets. Each Changing Places toilet provides: a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system, enough space and a safe and clean environment. There are many companies that provide the disabled toilet. You can hire the disabled toilets at an affordable rates from http://www.hireportabletoilets.com.au/