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treatment within the nhs

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hi there
i am currently my wifes carer and she is in hospital at the moment

she was taken in 5/6 months ago into a psychiactric ward as she suffers from bipolar 2 disorder she was properly diagnosed with this this aproxamatly 8 years ago after clinical depression and depression were ruled out

she also suffers from ME wich she was diagnosed with 18 years ago to wich she was bedridden for 2 1/2 years in a wheelchair for 3 years and used crutches to walk around with for 3 1/2 years

she has had a relapse of her ME while she has been in the hospital and has therefore reverted back to using her crutches wich i suplied to her as we have kept a hold of them

the reason i believe that she has had a relapse of her ME is that her psychiatrist has started reducing her pain medication that my wife has been taking for the past 5 years to wich my wife has had only minor symptoms of her ME as her main symptoms are muscular and joint pains as she started having the symptoms within a couple of days of the doctor reducing her medication

now to my question
is there any way i as my wifes carer can sign her out of hospital or have her transfered to another facility to get the proper treatment for her ME
as in my opinion she is not getting the proper treatment within the facility she is in the now as they dont seem to be bothering with her ME and are putting it down to the fact that she has a mental illness and that she is making it up

thanks all
Hi, this is a bit of a thorny one!

I had some issues with care in an NHS hospital and had to get another arm of NHS to help me deal with it a few months ago.
In our case I called on the Epilepsy specialist nurse for our area and she helped me to secure a better standard of care in the hospital concerned.
I also got advice from Epilepsy Scotland on policy to push the hospital to listen.

Just a thought, does your wife see a specialist nurse/ME adviser maybe, who could intervene on your behalf?
It may be different in your wifes case as you want to move her else where but could still be a starting point for you.

Maybe others will have been there too and offer advice.
marie x
thanks for the reply marie

my wife does have a cpn but she is as much use as a chocolate teapot

she is under the assumption that alot of what my wife and i say are in our heads

as with about 3 years ago my wife took a number of epileptic seizures to wich i noticed 3 tonic clonic and a couple of palmal seizures
and i was told i didnt know what i was talking about
although i grew up with my father taking seizures being around a number of friends taking seizures and working with kids in an epileptic and disability school for 6 months where i seen seizures literally 100 times a day

and 2 months later after an apointment with an epliepsy doctor and a number of different scans my wife was diagnosed as epileptic

also i dont mind my wife actually staying within the facility she is in at the moment as long as she recieves the proper treatment that i feel she is not recieving

I can't say I've much experience but I was reading your posting & my husband suffers with PTSD
& Endoginus depression & I myself suffer with epilepsy so here goes!
If I was you I would either try welfare right or at the hospital they should have a mental health advocate who can speak on your behalf.
As for the cpn I once had one just like that don't let them tell you its all in your head try & make an appointment with the psychiatrist to tell him the medication isn't right.
I kept a diary & went everywhere with my husband & when they said they hadn't said something I said my husband might have a mental illness but I haven't I would bring out the diary.
I don't know whether any of this has helped you but I hope so.
Take care Deb x
If your wife has been sectioned it will be near impossible to move her but if she has a confirmed ME diagnosis it cannot be ignored. Do you have anything in writing?

They should in any case discuss their reasons for cutting the pain medication.

Additionally, your wife has a right to an independent advocate (as do you). I strongly suggest you ask the hospital for details of a local advocacy service.