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Travel Ins & Passport Photos

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There is a slim chance I may be going abroad this year....................................... Image
In advance of this unlikely event taking place Image , does anyone know of any travel health insurance to cover families, and in particular my daughter with a disability?

One thing that is more certain is that we need to renew passports and get them for the children. Daughter is sensitive to light/small spaces (and son is a fidget also!), so a photo booth would be out of the question. I think I read somewhere that you do not need to provide a photo if the person/child has a problem with this but if you did that you would need to take your chances with the application.
Does anyone know if there is a way round this, like a digital pic or something?

thanks all

About photos


They also have a 24 hour helpline that says charged at your providers National rate.

Contact them here

Others may be able to advise about travel insurance.There are quite a few coming up when searching but best to get opinions from those who have used this.
This is on govt site

Read here

Hope of some use till someone else comes along with specific advice.

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We couldn't get large son in extremely large powered wheelchair into one of those photo booth thingies either when we we were going to Florida a number of years ago - we went into one of those dry cleaning/photography places - Klick I think it was and they did the passport photo there (useful when blue badge is up for renewal also).

With regard to travel insurance we got offered some ridiculous quotes when we went on Holiday (one of them wanted to charge £1,00 just for son!!!). If I remember right Age Concern do very reasonable holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions.

Hope this helps

Regards Eun
we had trouble getting insurance this year ie my wife had an heart attack last September.
A few insurance's company's wouldn't insure us one wanted £1,200 one wanted £747 we then contacted Freedom insurance and both of us have preexisting medical conditions last year it cost us £83 for both of us that company was one that wouldn't insure us this year Freedom insurance will insure us both for 14 day's £271 .1 pence.
ring your local council office, at ours they have a digital camera, and take passport size photos, its great as you can take and delete if not suitable........and a fraction of the price..... at ours its in a side room. My eldest has difficulties looking at people/cameras took a few attempts, her passport looks like shes on somthing Image Image(done a few years ago) .......that would be ideal if your local office provides this, my youngest girl had passport photos done last weekend costing me £7.00
Don't buy travel insurance, its a waste of money. If you get into trouble just phone the British Embassy for a free ticket home, but if they screw up and the money runs out, just hitch hike home. (don't laugh, I have hitched home from Greece before now !!! )

PS, sign your house over to someone you can trust before trying this. Being destitute on paper brings several advantages.
I was quoted £400 insurance for the old doll for visit to Cuba =when i was in Cuba 2006 had heart problems and was in clinic for couple of days was checked out daily till we left the cost was if i remember about 15-000 euro and i had NO insurance but as a good trade unionist and being a guest of the Cuban people they paid the bill for me what little cash i had was put into charity box i would never travel without insurance .
Re passport photos. I actually do my own - I'm lucky to have a digital camera (I'm into photography) and produce my own in Photoshop. If anyone can produce a good head and shoulders of the person I can retouch and resize if it helps at all. Image