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loosing benefits for having a carer

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if someone cares for me will i loose my PIP so far my pension credit has been stopped which has resulted in my having to pay 5.73 towards my 69 a week rent and 10 a month towards my council tax. my daughter has nit yet been awarded carers allowance which she put in for on 3rd July. I have been told once this is completed i will loose my PIP and have to pay more rent is this true as citizens advice are saying that i should not have to pay any more as ive already been assessed for having someone care for me.
Hi Sarah.

Caree = PIP / carer = Cares Allowance ... hundreds of thousands of such partnerships in CarerLand.

Pension Credit element payable with PIP for those who qualify on a low income.


The answer lies with the carer receiving Carers Allowance ... and it's knock effect on the caree , you :
Carers receives Carers Allowance

Effect on other benefits

Carer’s Allowance can affect the other benefits that both you and the person you care for get.

Effect on the benefits of the person you care for

When you claim Carer’s Allowance, the person you care for will stop getting:

a severe disability premium paid with their benefits
an extra amount for severe disability paid with Pension Credit, if they get one
reduced Council Tax - contact their local council to find out if this affects them

Effect on your benefits

When you claim Carer’s Allowance your other benefits may be reduced, but your total benefit payments will usually either go up or stay the same.

Carer’s Allowance does not count towards the benefit cap.

If you get Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you must contact the Tax Credits office to tell them about Carer’s Allowance claim.

In short , the carer benefits from Carers Allowance BUT a portion of your benefits is reduced ... triggering other increases such as Council Tax.

Best bet is to crunch some numbers through an Online benefits calculator for ( 1 ) to ensure that all currently available benfits and allowances are being claimed ... and ( 2 ) check the current level of benefits received against the results shown from the calculation ... link follows :


Universal Credit ... rolled out or still awaiting the rollout on your manor ?

Post code checker :


That MAY have an additional effect on " Old money " benefits ... I will assume that the Online calculator can produce fiqures with and without the UC element.

Slightly complicated but so is the benefits system.

Have a ponder , and then return to us .. we shall assist the best we can.