Does anyone know who/what conditions qualify you to get transport home from hospital after you're discharged from A and E or a ward?

I found this so far (hope it's the right one, having trouble thinking atm). ... -hospital/

Non-emergency patient transport services
Some people are eligible for non-emergency patient transport services (PTS). These services provide free transport to and from hospital for:

people whose condition means they need additional medical support during their journey
people who find it difficult to walk
parents or guardians of children who are being transported
PTS may not be available in all areas. To find out if you are eligible for PTS and how to access it, you will need to speak to your GP or the healthcare professional who referred you to hospital.


Well, I use a wheelchair all the time outdoors, and often indoors. I also have neuro disease, so sometimes get quite confused about what bus to catch, or even just to look when crossing the road. When I'm discharged from A and E, I'm even worse due to a flare up.

The last time I also had watery diahorrea up to every 15 min, retching and was very weak. The nurse told me curtly that ''diahorrea does NOT qualify you for transport home''. I thought....''Well, it should. Imagine exploding on a bus, or in a mini cab. At least on hospital transport, you could ask them to stop the van, and get help with changing your pad. On a bus/mini cab, not only would you have the indignity of it all being witnessed by up to half a bus of the general public, but you'd also be forced to sit there in it until you got home. Some of us have burning waste, -and- are prone to pressure sores, we can't just sit there in it. Duh.

But, according to Ms Curt Nurse, even an exploding a*se, burning, liquid diahorrea wheelchair user, doesn't qualify. Who the eff does I wondered?

Something stinks, and I'm not talking about my pampers......