transfer devices for use by single carer?

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Here's the thing, by etec ... ift-raiser.

It came with a 5" adjustable strap.

At 56kg, the thoughts of using a £9000 crane boggels the mind - especially in mum's 3 bed semi!

Sorry for the confusion and my poor spelling.
LOL, Thanks Rosemary, that looks good- haven't seen one of those before. I'm not sure it would be enough for Dad but I can see it would be very useful for some things-
I sort of tried it on myself! It's surprisingly supportive with the leg support acting in one direction and the hip brace acting in the other. They also offer a belt that secures around the hip/waist with a clip and then the belt goes onto the device. I think you can get strap for the lower
legs, or just use it without any straps. It turns essentially on itself and can be used for standing excerises or having the patient wash at a sink. It's also much smaller than a Cricket.