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Urgent feedback/help needed

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Hi guys
I have bit of a dilema and i am in need of some urgent advice and help.
We were going to be having my grandmother living with us but her mental health has deteriorated so much and so quickly that it is no longer feesable for us to do this so the only option is for her to go into a carehome that will look after her properly and we can go and see her as often as possible.
Now the Dilema, my gran has a fair bit of life savings (no property) which some is tied up in policies and some in bank accounts, my mother has decided to come in and take control of everything and sort my gran out BUT she is hell bent on removing as much money as possible from my grans accounts before she goes into a carehome. Now i am extremely worried about this as i have read various things online regarding carehomes and them taking EVERYTHING they can from you in order to pay for your care and if you give any of it away court orders can be made etc to reclaim it.

Can anyone shed any light what so ever on all this? i have a feeling there is going to be a hell of alot of trouble coming if my mother goes ahead with this am i right?

has anyone else had a similar ordeal?
please any help asap would be so much appreciated.
Hi Ben

It's no good hiding the cash: if there is even the slightest suspicion that the money has been hidden or even misspent in any way then the council can assume it's still there and apply the charge: I can't remember the exact terminology but it would effectively be treated as a fraud. Your mum could get into serious trouble and still your gran would have to pay. It's not worth it.
can social services not find a care at home provider in your area? so she can stay at home?

DO NOT let your mum move any money, it is fraud and she will get in so much trouble its not worth it. Personally id get social services involved, they r free, the care they can provide may cost but the care at home workers have to have so much training and not only have a vrb but get a pova check as well and u cn meet them and help out
Just be aware that the DWP can and will access bank ccounts.
They do have the power and can sieze money if they feel it is fraud.
Thank you ever so much everyone for your comments and you've helped more than anything i'll be having some serious words with my mother tomorrow.
hopefully this will overt a huge amount of trouble.
thank you so much again
Hi, get your mum to speak to CAB, they will let her know what is and isn't legal!
marie x