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To Make you Smile

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:19 pm
by Sonia
Hi All,


I wish I was an Octopus,
With arms so long and strong,
To do all the things you ask,
Have you done this,
Have you done that,

Then there's the cleaning,
And the beds to make,
If only I had a moment to spare,

And then out of the blue,
You say I love you,
That's why I do,
All these things for you.

I have mailed a few mails about my Mother-in -law,who would not have any help from the family or the doctor,social services etc.
As we live in the West country and she is in North Wales,then its not easy to keep track of things there.There is another Son who lives 10 mins away from her,but they don't get on.He has been getting his own kids in to see if they could do anything for her. She wants no one tells everyone to go away.
We felt we should try again to get through to her,even if she shouts and is nasty,we just had to.
We managed to get the bed clothes off her,as she has not left her bed for a long time.The room smelled so strongly of urine. The came to see her last Thurs,she must have smelt it terrible.
She was laying in a pool of urine,her nightdress was so dirty.We called 999 as we did'nt think it a good idea to move her,she could not any way.Help came even knocked them off their feet the smell. They had to cut the gown off her,as it was struck to bed sores which she has.
Got her into hospital after she said she would,why when you tell the right people does this still happenI know you can't go against folks wishes it dont seem right Sonia xxxxx