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Am I a carer

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See my other post I am helping my friend with care tasks, I help my friend with shopping, sometimes I help with her bills so am I a carer or just a good friend helping out.
What is the legal defination of an unpaid carer?
No question in my mind that you're a carer, catanddog!

The legal definition for social services is basically that you provide what they define as substantial care on a regular basis - for no pay. That's it.

Helping with care tasks, shopping and bills all count. So you're definitely a carer. And a good friend helping out. Not many people would.
HI Catandog, welcome to the carers forum - you definitely are one of us!!

Welcome to the family x
Yep,you can`t hide it any more,you are not one of them any more,you are one of us!! Image
Definitely, welcome onboard.
Yes , your in our gang, welcome.
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Welcome from me too. Always room for one more carer here.xx
I aint so sure , for me i see "carers" as close family members, not always but usually they will be a spouse / partner , son / daughter , brother /sister and i see a carer as someone who has more or less devoted most of their time this could be 24/7 to care for a loved one.many end up giving up work, I have helped our neighbours with lfts into town , hospital, brought back shopping over the last 2 months have been very busy with 1 neighbour who is now on oxygen 24/7 and have been asked many times to help them when he enters hospital i have taken his elderly wife into hospital and have even brought her back they dont have any local family to help but i dont see that support as me being a carer for any of them, i see it as just being a good neighbour who is able to help now and again - and yes the old doll comes with me, now if someone could care for her while i am doing this extra care work ..happy days.............
Sorry George but being a relative is not the decider. It's what you do. If you provide care for someone, unpaid, you're a carer.

Otherwise, it could be argued that relatives have a duty and the only real carers are friends or neighbours...and I don't agree with that either.