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Time to say goodbye. - Carers UK Forum

Time to say goodbye.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
After seeing the new forum layout and how drab and unwelcoming it looks in my opinion, i thinks Carers UK are losing sight of who they represent, some of you will agree and some of you will not, but i cannot support something that seems to have lost track of why and for what reason it exists. Not all users are computer literate, and the ease of use and welcoming forum home page have gone,this will put of more people than it will gain. We are left with an unassuming bland home page, with most activity on the secret section, instead of in full view, where tired and desperate carers can get some comfort and help, without being forced to join. That folks is my opinion, to all the friends and wonderfull people who have listened to my whinges and rants, joined in the animal threads and supported us, thankyou, it has been a pleasure to know and talk to you.
To Carers UK, try and remember who you are there to support and help, they are not all of the facebook age????
Please don't leave, Paul, you have been part of this forum for so long and you will be terribly missed.
Hello Paul,

I, for one, would be very sorry to see you go and hope that you will reconsider your decision.

The decision to make changes to the forum was in the main, member led, as many members asked for/suggested changes to the forum. The 'Private' areas are the same as they have always been - the only change made was to move Roll Call from Carer to Carer into a private area (Social Area previously known as Share Your Life) at the request of some members who were very concerned that private details they posted could find their way onto Facebook and the like.

Other than that (and a few cosmetic changes in reducing the overall number of headings to make navigation for new members easier) it's still the same friendly forum that it's always been Image

But whatever you decide you have all my best wishes for you and your family.
I have to agree Paul it's too small, too bland and uninviting.
If I put it on 125% zoom it makes all the other forums too big and I have to keep altering the zoom every time.
Hey Paul mate, if you have made up your mind.....well that's that, I guess.

I will be sorry if you do leave, but do agree that some things are not quite as good as they used to be with Forum's 'update.' I thought it was just me, or my eyes, but I too, have to have the pages on 125% enlargement.

I would say though, you cant change things from the outside, you need to be 'in it', to effect changes. If enough of us voice our opinions perhaps, those opinions will be noted, acted upon and the Forum will truly become the Members Forum, we all once loved.
I'm confused as to why some members are saying the font is too small and have to increase their page size to 125% because when this forum was changed, I was like "Woah! The font's increased!" Yes indeedy, the font looks too big, in my opinion and I'm still at 100%
I'm not complaining though, I'd rather see bigger font than smaller font.
I have just checked the forum in another two different browsers and it's the same, HUUGGEEEEE! LOL

As for saying it looks drab and unwelcoming - far from it. I think it's looks tidier, fresh and easier to navigate with the more enhanced segregated sections. If I do have one quibble, it's that because of the larger font size, the page scroll is longer so I have to scroll further down to see all the forums than I used to have to.
Note I said "quibble". It's not enough of a problem to complain about it. Image
Font too small ? Font too big?

You can change the font size on the forum without changing your browser settings -

Look in the 2nd blue banner from the top (the one that has the link to your User Control Panel) on the right hand side you will see (very faint I admit) a capital letter A with and up and a down arrow either side - if you click on this you can increase or decrease the font size on the forum. Once you've set it to your preference it should open the same every time you login.
Hi Paul

I'm sorry you've found the change so difficult. I really don't want to see you go, so hope you will stick with us through the change.

I do think the changes are only small tweaks, the content is still there and I think it makes it easier to find, but I know we won't all agree. We've had the forum now for 8 years and I've been overseeing it for all of that time and yes it has changed a lot over the years. But I can assure I don't just change it for the sake of change. We have to upgarde the version of software we use to ensure the forum is protected from bugs and malicious attacks. We've tidied up the content areas, because we felt it was getting too large. But really the changes this time have been small.

I think with every change we have made we have sadly lost members who find the change too difficult. But overall the forum has continued to grow and we are attracting new people. If the figures show we are getting less people as a result of these changes then I will look again.

All the best

I would be very sorry to lose your company, especially on account of the forum design. I agree its still not looking right, the font size is easy to fix but I also dont much like the headings and sections, for some reason they just dont gel for me. Roll call moves forward too quickly and is a bit of a mish mash, not really a conversation (though I know some members try really, really hard to link it all up, I'f afraid I cant concentrate on such a messy list of unconnected posts). I would happily abolish it if someone could come up with something better.
We all use the forum for a range of different purposes: information sharing, getting it off your chest, social chatter, having a good argument about policy directions, specific conditions, you name it really. I think one area of major difference is the level of dependency of the caree, also their age and general prognosis.
I still cant come to terms with the mauve/washed out pink skin background look. Is there no way we can all get to choose which way we want to see it?
I am still unable to post photo`s