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What's so special

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Since my children have been diagnosed some 10 years now I have noticed how I keep encountering this one word "special".
Special, Specialist, Special Needs, Special needs School, Special education needs, Special education needs disability tribunal, Special needs nursery, Special needs children or children with special needs, the strange thing is I have yet to see anything special about them at all, not the children of course coz they are all just wonderful but what goes along with the word "special".
I actually thought at the beginning they were going to receive something "special" how wrong was I Image
Its jargon, isnt it usually, a euphemism really, for educational segregation. I suppose in the NHS it means "consultant led"
Whats the alternative to "Special Needs" ? "Extra Needs"? "Different Needs" .
I have found one or two specialist resources that work quite well. Project Ability in Glasgow is an outstanding arts studio and workshop run by a charity - originally to support people coming out of long stay hospital who were losing out on the art therapy they received in these institutions - and now that time has moved on the funding is mainly geared to children and adults with additional support needs living in the community. They run some great courses in things like film making and creative arts.
Additional Needs sounds good to me.
I heard somewhere you shouldnt say special needs anymore but cant for the life of me remember what you have to say instead
There are also differences between special needs with regards to physical disability and special needs with regards to learning disability.

When Robert was growing up there wasn't any provision made at all for those kids who used a wheelchair or who were just going off their feet as Robert was.

SW tried shoehorning him into a learning disability group for kids who had Downs Syndrome etc. No harm to those kids but they terrified the life out of Robert. They were so big and so affectionate and they would come lumbering up to Robert for a cuddle but the slightest touch could send Robert crashing to the floor. Then when he started using a manual wheelchair the learning disabled kids would lift Rob out of his chair and take turns having a go.

SW then tried a group for able bodied kids but that didn't work out either. He felt they were treating him differently and he didn't like it. It wasn't until he started at Ashcraig Secondary that he really started to make friends - all the DMD lads hung out together and there were after school clubs etc specificly designed for those who had physical disabilities.

Now kids with DMD won't even have that as they are putting kids with complex learning difficulties into the school which has completely ruined the ethos of the whole school. It was supposed to be a school for kids with physical disabilities and kids who were partially sighted but now the council are trying to have it shut down and all the physically disabled kids sent to mainstream. I am not saying that doesn't work for some disabled kids but it doesn't work for all. My son and many of his friends were severely bullied in mainstream school and nothing was done about it. The councils just want to do things on the cheap - not to really help our kids.

Ah but Eun it isn't complex learning difficulties it is complex needs which is something completely different that can include children excluded from mainstream who have no physical or learning difficulties and have no disability at all but rather have these oppositional behaviours where they attack all and sundry.
My oldest left mainstream because of bullying and moved to what was an MLD school but turned out to be full of these children who instantly targetted him and made his life hell, they certainly had no learning difficulties and every time they set eyes on me the looks could kill!
My youngest was in a generic special school for about 4 years they had PMLD kids in there and as they also had medical needs which would mean tubes and such like my son ended up strapped into a chair for the day, he has severe learning difficulites associated with his severe autism, he came out of school covered in bruises on his back trying to get out of the chair, he had hand prints on his arm where he was being pulled about by staff we were ripping, it all ended with an internal investigation which only resulted in staff being moved around, we pulled my son out of the place.
Complex needs is government agenda to throw every child who absolutely cannot be squeezed into main stream put in to their nearest special school whatever that may have been previously and it is a complete outrage, but it saves money on transport sending the children to the most appropriate school.