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Sleeping like a baby! - Carers UK Forum

Sleeping like a baby!

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My daughter in law and I are sleeping like babies this week - I haven't slept well for years, and DIL is expecting a baby in 2 weeks time, so until this week was waking almost every hour. What's different? She has a Jack Russell who is like her shadow. Keen to manage the impending arrival of the little one, she bought a plug in diffuser with some ferramones(?) which is supposed to calm the dog. Jokingly she said it spreads through the house, although you can't smell it, and might affect humans. After 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep I think that there is huge potential here for market expansion. Only time will tell whether it works long time of course. Just thought I'd like to share something light hearted with you all!
Sounds good,a satisfying aroma of dead rabbit,soil and sweat after a spot of hunting would send any self-respecting Jack Russell to sleep.Woof,woof. Image Image Image
My DIL goes beating on a local estate, and the idea was to train the furry friend to be a gun dog. He's cute but not very bright, never even mastered retrieving properly. My son shot a pigeon in the garden, it lay dying in the garden but dog didn't like the flapping. He's good at killing rats though (next door keep chicken) and would love to have a go at next door's pussy cat, and would really, really like to have a go at the postman!! On the other hand, if I want to go for a walk on my own, I now have someone to take with me for company. New Forest Jill
Ok where do you get one of these diffusers from? Even 2 nights uninterrupted sleep would be a bonus. Image
try the vet Image Image