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Urinary infection

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Mum had a long term catheter fitted in hospital in January, for good medical reasons. She's had a few problems with it, it was changed earlier in the week, now she has a serious infection, and antibiotics, isn't feeling too good. She has a bath every morning without fail, thanks to her carers and a special bath seat, so personal hygiene is not an issue. I just wondered if anyone had any advice, other than drink plenty, especially cranberry juice?
1000mg of soluble vitamin C in a glass of orange every day. Works wonders for my son who used to get constant urinary tract infections and kidney stones and doesn't now. It makes the urine more acidic which kills the germs and stops the kidney stones from clumping together and they thus remain small enough to be passed easily.

Thanks Eun,
Just the sort of tip I was looking for. Off to buy some immediately.
Yes thanks Eun, I'll be trying that one out on Jill, as she keeps getting urine infections even though she's on two or three glass's of cranberry juice daily.
Our GP told us that you can have TOO MUCH cranberry juice and it should be restricted to 1/2 tumbler glass at the most, else it has the opposite effect?
GP told me that too Fran.
I've mentioned Cranberry Juice to three different GP's at our surgery and had no response at all. In fact two just looked blank at me as though they've never even heard of it helping urinary infections. Image
A litre of cranberry juice lasts me a week, but if we are away I do tend to drink more of it, especially if I can access Feel Good Cranberry and Lime. I dilute it with sparkling water usually or sometimes soda water.

As with everything too much of a good thing is bad for you.

Take care