thought my problems were over

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like most of us i do the lottery last night for the first time had £3 on euro millions checked this morning on PC as i had email YOURE A WINNER 4 numbers plus 1 star number not grumbling but its only £263 so ive had a free christmas

Wheres my share George???

Whats mine is mine and whats yours is half mine too Image Image Image Image
well done george
glad you have won----enjoy Image
Nice one George, the most we've ever won was £48 Image

Paula xx
Good one George!
Good to see someone win Image Well done!
Congratulations and well done Image
They say it comes in 3s. 2 more to go. You might win the big one tonight. Good Luck Image
Snap George l just won £55 with a lucky dip thats the most l have won since it started but its more than welcome every litle helps
happy spending Goerge
glad you won
take care
I won a simulated leather bookmark from Readers Digest once...or was it twice?